How to use Shuffleboard, Network Tables, and Raspberry Pi without RoboRio? (Java)

So from what I understand it is possible to do that, it’s just instead of creating a client side program for the Raspi you are instead creating a server side program… But I’m trying to understand exactly what code am I supposed to write. Am i supposed to write an entire socket to receive data? Here is the current code I have

` NetworkTableInstance table = NetworkTableInstance.getDefault();

    NetworkTable testTable = table.getTable("TestTable");

    NetworkTableEntry testValue = testTable.getEntry("TestValue");



You need to start the NetworkTableInstance server with:

And then you can use other NetworkTable functions just like you do in a robot program (setting values of entries, etc). Note you need to keep the program running (e.g. write a loop that never exits), because as soon as your program exits the server will shut down.

Oh thank you, what would would be the “Server” I set in ShuffleBoard to connect though? would it just be team number that I set in setServer(“1245”)?

SetServer doesn’t take a team number argument, it takes an optional IP address to listen to. If you pass no args it will listen to all network interfaces on the device (almost certainly what you want).

On Shuffleboard you need to set the IP address of the Pi as the server address.

Alright makes sense. Thanks for your help!

What’s your use case? If you’re eventually going to use a roboRIO as a server, but just want to test without one now, you can run Outline Viewer as a server on the same computer as shuffleboard.

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