How to use suction, piab p2010

I currently have a piab p2010, that I believe can be used to use the compressor to create a suction for using suction cup grippers. I’m wondering if anyone has any information or experience using this fitting or has any other knowledge on how to use suction cups in FIRST?

link to piab site

It’s called a Venturi device and works by keeping a constant low flow of air going through it whenever you need suction.
The volume of air required isn’t too great, but you wouldn’t be able to use dozens of them at once.
Plan on having your compressor run while you use it.
The Venturi device needs to be very close to the suction cup to get/release suction quickly.

It works pretty well for light objects if you can get a good seal around the suction cup (no more than 14.7 psi of force with a perfect fit).
The Venturi device has been given to us in the KOP in earlier FRC years.
The issue has usually been getting the right, properly fitting suction cup for the task, and using it on smooth light objects.

But how do you hook up the hose inorder to achieve this?

It requires a small 4mm hose that came with the original KOP package.

Compressed air goes in port 1
Suction cup connects to port 2

PIAB P2010_venturiDevice.jpg

PIAB P2010_venturiDevice.jpg

I dug this up too.

Thanks mark you’ve been a lot of help