How To Use Vex 1/2 in Hex 3D Print Inserts?

We have recently bought these, and I want to be able to prepare to be able to retrofit them as soon as they arrive. The page does. not seem to outline how they are used. Does anyone know how they are used in regards to print design and actually implementation. Thanks

Thrifty bot has a very similar product, so you may have better luck searching on here for “thrifty bot 3dp insert”

Beyond that it’s just a profile you extend into your part before you print.

To expand on this, you’ll want to do some test prints and adjust settings (as needed) for your print. 3DP parts are great, but the tolerance you get out of them may not be accurate enough for the insert to fit easily in your part. Increasing the internal compensation (so the profile prints a little bigger) can get you an easier fit - but go too big, and it get sloppy, which isn’t good either. Yes, you can do that by manually making the profile in cad and increasing the size, but I find leaving things accurate in CAD and compensating in your printer software to be a little easier to get those fine adjustments for the perfect fit.

Here’s the native part the @Skyehawk referenced.

If you are using Onshape, there are a few helpful options to simplify your design.

  1. MKCAD-Pulleys has an option to add a TTB or WCP hex insert to your bore.
  2. For more generic use, there is a Thrifty Insert feature script that will do the job.

ThriftyBot has a guide for other CAD packages as well.

WIthout modification, this is a press fit.