How to use VEX Color Sensor with roboRIO?

Our team (3748), have VEX color sensors, but aren’t sure how to use them with a roboRIO, if it’s even possible. These were our plans for a backup, since the REV color sensor cables are out of stock. Any tips for coding it would be helpful as well. If we could have any help, it would be welcomed.

Team 3748

Is this the sensor you bought?
I don’t see any documentation that would tell you how to program it on everything else. Why did you choose that sensor rather then the color sensor in the KOP?

We only have one of the KOP ones, so we’re trying to use ones that we already have, instead of spending more money, as well as using them as backups.

Is looks like this sensor is designed for VEX Robotics, so it’ll be pretty difficult to get working. The REV Color Sensor is pretty cheap, and super easy to use :wink:

Keep in mind that you have a $50 voucher to Rev. With that, you can get a backup or two for basically no cost to you.

If you really want to program the Vex color sensor, what you could do is try to figure out what kind of values it’s sending over i2c and then implement that from scratch on the roboRIO.

Currently, the REV color sensor wires are out of stock, so we were mostly looking at this for a backup for now, since we already had them.

We have talked about this on the VEX discord a little bit and there is not easy way to do this. We were essentially looking at a custom PCB. Also the camera is not that great compared to what can be bought in FRC

Not sure about the vex ones, however the rev ones that came in the KOP this year already has an api for java and c++ at least and was pretty plug and play for us using the example code that rev put out.

I believe you can purchase 4pin jst to i2c cables anywhere, they also come with some motors/controllers, etc…

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