how to use vs code and eclipse together in 2019

I’m a developer at my day job (mainly Java.) I’m an Eclipse power use and comfortable in other tools. I find VS Code easy for languages like JavaScript. I found it hard to do certain things that I rely on in Eclipse. Luckily, FRC projects are simply Gradle projects.

I blogged about how to use VS Code and Eclipse together for FRC programming (use VS Code for creating and deploying projects; use Eclipse for actually writing code)

I have had similar experience. Having used both Eclipse and IntelliJ in my day job, I find that VS Code isn’t quite the same. Teams with solid experience in other IDEs can still use them without much difficulty.

I’ve also written up some notes on using Eclipse with next year’s WPILib:

Very cool seeing some guides on how to use alternative ides. Especially when they’re for reasons not that it’s just different.

One thing we do want to recommend for anybody writing guides is to still use vs code for creating projects and managing the vendor dependencies. Editing code and deploying works perfectly fine with other editors, but we want to avoid having a bunch of guides recommending different and potentially out of date templates. And the vendor stuff built into vscode makes that easier as well. But for editing, yeah absolutely using other ides is great.

Note RobotBuilder will also work for creating projects. We do still recommend at least having vscode installed in any case, though.

Agreed! And also not “I like it better” or “I know it better.” Learning new tools is useful and important!

I’m actually curious to see how the freshman do with VS Code this year. They haven’t used a “full featured IDE” so wouldn’t realize that the “missing features” are possible/common.

Installing VS Code is easy :). And the plugin for creating new projects is great! I’m a fan of using the official tool for stuff like that (and deploying.) Less to troubleshoot when things don’t work!