How to use WPILib TrapezoidalMotionSubsystem when starting at a non zero position?

Say my motor is starting with an initial angle of 1 radian, and I want it to follow a trapezoidal motion profile to end with a final angle of 2 radians. I can call trapProfileSubsyst_.SetGoalState({units::radian_t{1}, units::radians_per_second_t{0}}); //desired goal distance is 1 away in my code to set a goal state of being 1 radian away, but the profiled positions start at zero. So, when I do PID.Calculate(motor_rads, goal_profile_rads), my motor will turn the opposite way because motor_rads starts at 1 and goal_profile_rads (which I’m getting through the UseState function) starts at 0. I’ve seen that potentially one option may be to use the ProfiledPIDController class, but if possible I like being able to have my motion profiling separate from my PID and feedforward objects. What should I do to solve this issue?

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I believe you may need to call reset() on your PID controller. We experienced a similar issue. Can you post your entire repo?

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I’m currently working in a test repo, which is here: GitHub - SusanC3/MotionProfiling
My class extending TrapezoidProfileSubsystem is ProfileSubsystem, and I’m using the MotorSim class to test basic motor movements in the WPILib simulation.

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