How to wire 2011 Festo valve

Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or instructions on how to wire the new Festo valves (if I remember correctly they require 24v)? We are having trouble with only one side of the valve actuating, but this is running off a 12v Spike. Do we need to run this through the pneumatics bumper?


If it’s a 24v solenoid, then it can only be operated through a solenoid bumper wired for 24v.
It won’t work properly on 12v. You’d have to swap out the 24v coils for 12v coils in order to use a Spike.

Is there a set of instructions for how to do that? We are not really sure what that entails…

The wiring diagram is linked on the KOP website
Robot Power Distribution Diagram (24V Solenoid)


  1. A white wago connector that fits the Solenoid Breakout gets wired to the two empty terminals on the special cRIO connector on the Power Distribution Panel. That’s the only source of 24v power.
    *]The 24v solenoid gets each of it’s 2-wire coils wired to one of the Solenoid Breakout output pin pairs. Make sure ground goes to ground. It won’t break anything if you get it backwards, but it won’t operate either. You can use the gray 2-pin cables that came in the KOP to make this easier- just cut them in half to get two pre-wired connectors.

We’re a new team. What is the “Solenoid Breakout?” Do you have a picture of it? We have no idea how to actually wire the solenoid. (We have the tubing figured out, just not the electrical.) Thanks

The Solenoid Breakout is what goes in the 8th slot of the cRio. The specifics of it can be found here.

Edit: Here is where you can go instead, and then ctrl+f “Solenoid Breakout” and click the link there instead.

Here’s a picture of the Solenoid Breakout mounted on the cRIO Solenoid Module:

Note: the Solenoid Breakout looks similar to the Analog Breakout. One way to tell them apart is by the two-pin outputs on the Solenoid (Analog has three-pin outputs). The Solenoid Breakout is also shorter than the Analog Breakout.

The Solenoid Module (the one with the two rows of green leds) slides into slot 8 in the cRIO chassis (the furthest from the flat part with the power connection and Ethernet ports).
If you need more, slot 7 can also be used (if you buy or borrow another Module and Breakout). Slot 8 is the code default though, so I’d start with that one.

this might help. There are some code samples there too.

Wiring from the FIRST wiring diagram. Each set of wires from the ends of the solenoid get connected to one set of pins on the Solenoid Breakout shown above.
The KOP came with a bunch of two-wire gray cables with two-pin connector housings on each end. If you cut one of these gray cables in half, you can use each bare end to wire to the solenoid bare wires and at the other end you’ll have ready-made two-pin connectors that match the two pins on the Solenoid Breakout. Do make sure ground gets connected to ground when you plug everything in.

Finally, the Solenoid Breakout also gets a power connection. That white connector in the first photo takes one of the white wago connectors that came in the KOP. The solenoids that you’ve received in your Kits are 24v solenoids, so you have to wire a white wago connector to the two spare connections on the cRIO power plug located on the Power Distribution Panel.

The current KOP Festo valve takes two outputs to control it. One to each solenoid on the valve. It stays in the last position set & does not require a continuous signal to hold it.

Other valves have a spring return & one soleniod so they only need one output to control them. They need an continuous signal to hold the valve the actuated state.