How to wire a magnetic encoder without talon srx

How do you wire a magnetic encoder without using a talon srx?

See section 5.4 of the Magnetic Encoder User’s Guide - “Can I use the CTRE Magnetic Encoder without a Talon SRX?”

Basically, the easiest thing to do is to use one of our encoder breakouts (ribbon cabled to the mag encoder) to expose the signals you need. You can then wire the appropriate quadrature and power connections as appropriate.

To clarify on this - do not use the AM SRX breakout, as it has the wrong gender; it is intended to adapt non-HERO-connector sensors to the Talon SRX, not the SRX encoder to a non-Talon SRX DIO.

I used the “gadgeteer breakout” for an Arduino project recently; worked like a champ, at 5 for $6.

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