How to Wire a Turret

our team is having some difficulty wiring our turret, we think we have a solution where we run it up through the center. however we were looking so see if we could keep it contained in the turret center (armabot 240v2). we are trying to find how 3476 code orange did theirs in 2019 but cant find anything on the wiring.
if anyone knows how they did it or has any other suggestion that would be greatly appreciated

FRC Team 686

what I’ve seen is a long chain wraping around the turret that can sorta double up on itself so that the turret can rotate. it’ll still limit your rotation but it’ll give you more than just normal wireing

An example of this could be 118 2022’s shooter turret double-bend e-chain or around 0:50 in this igus video.

This is the industry method (overkill for FRC and energy chain doesn’t really like fast movements)

I am in favor of similar approach, but instead of igus chain run a spline (thin spring steel strip) down the middle of a wire protector sleeve. Run wires within the sleeve (free to move), ideally balanced on both sides. Depending on the thickness of wires and spring steel you can get different radii of bend on the steel (minimum energy spline). You can generalize this to smaller/more commonly available materials if you like, key is the freedom for the wires to move a little.

Also worth noting this works best when it is sitting on a flat surface.


I knew I saw it somewhere it was probably in that first vid thanks for digging it up

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