How to wire an absolute encoder for swerve drive?

So my team is switching to swerve this year, and we purchased these absolute encoders. We are using the Swerve 2910 MK2 modules. However, I’m not sure how to wire them. Here are photos of both ends. I read that I plug them into the Analog In, on the roborio, with a three-pin connector where the Black is the GND, Red is the +5v, and green is signal. However, I’m confused as to the purpose of the yellow wire. Any help is much appreciated!

Those look like two different cables, given that the sheath is a different color and the black sheath only has 3 wires going in.

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They are the same cable. It came with the encoder.

I see.

Logically there are two options for what the yellow cable is. Either it is not connected to anything, or it is connected to one of the pins that connects to the encoder, because that only has 3 pins. You can use a multimeter in continuity mode to figure out which of these it is, and which wire it is a double of if the latter.

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I think that our team uses a very similar cable for our encoders but the encoders we use are not 3 pin they are the gray hill encoders (beside the point slightly). Anyways I would say that the cable is used for both 3 pin and 4 pin encoders along with other cables that look similar with different amounts of conductors. Currently because there are three pins I would say that the yellow is not connected to anything based on the pictures. Still though go through in continuity mode with a multi-meter and see which ones connect to the connector and such. If you need help getting into the small pin holes I would recommend using a sniped off lead of a resistor/capacitor/or such and then put it in the hole

Wowsers! That encoder is expensive.

If you can handle the larger body, this encoder should do the same job for a fraction of the price. This is the encoder we use. You will have to solder the encoder wires to the pins, but that is not all that difficult.

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I checked it using continuity mode on a multi-meter and it doesn’t look like it’s connected to anything so I guess that solves that mystery.

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I think this is the data sheet of the cable.

Data sheet is also here, as Andymark sells this same encoder.

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