How to wire AND program the REV Hex through bore encoder

We’ve got a REV hex bore encoder and can’t figure it out at all. We’ve tried programming it as an encoder, duty cycle encoder, and as a counter. We can’t seem to get it to work in any way. Which of the PWM connectors do we put where, and how do we program it? It hasn’t outputted anything ever. Thank you for any help.

Hi! Our team recently integrated the 1/2" hex through-bore version of these sensors into our robot. I should note that we connected our encoders directly to Talon SRXs via breakout boards; if that’s not what you’re doing, I might look at the official video. Here’s what we ended up with:

As mentioned previously, our encoders were direct-wired to Talon SRXs on our robot via Talon breakout boards. I believe(being programming, I haven’t scrutinized this aspect) that we soldered the breakout board to corresponding wires on the 4-wire connector provided in the encoder kit.

In terms of programming, we simply declared a Talon, and upon initialization used the configSelectedFeedbackSensor(FeedbackDevice.QuadEncoder, [feedback loop #], [feedback loop timeout]) method to link the Talon to the encoder.

Everything worked fine first try; the Tuner reliably displays the expected readings from the encoder(that’d be my recommended method of testing on the Talon side of things)

I hope this helps; if not, there are other threads out there regarding this topic that probably have some pointers for you.

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That’s not what we are doing, but thanks. When it comes to the official video though there’s nothing about how to program it.

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