How to wire optics encoders

How do you wire an optical encoder?

It depends on the encoder. Often the spec sheet will have informations on the purpose of the wires, but you have to give more details if you want more detailed help.

It would also help to know what you’re hoping to wire it to (Talon SRX, SPARK MAX, or directly to the RIO).

Im hoping to wire it directly to the RIO.

Which model of encoder? Give as much information about your setup as you can.

We don’t yet know the model of encoder. We are looking for one. Any recommendations?

The people here are more than willing to give you as much help as you need. I’ve seen many multiple paragraph responses by experienced people on this forum, which greatly helped the person asking questions. But in order to get this type of response, you have to put effort into writing a detailed and complete question.

The answer to both the questions you’ve asked so far (how to wire an encoder, and which encoder to get) are “it depends”. If you want people to provide an answer to your question, it would help to include not just that you need an encoder, but also, for example, what motor controller/motor/gearbox you are using for the mechanism you need an encoder for, and perhaps what level of experience you and your team have working with encoders.

Most importantly, you should also include why you need the encoder, and what you plan to use it for. If you don’t include the above, you will not get a satisfactory answer.

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