How to wirelessly connect to the cRIO II?

Hi all…

my team has finally reached its final stage of development and we are trying to connect the crio (we have the cRIO II ) wirelessly, but am not sure how to go about doing that.

I have already set up the DAP 1522 (in the competition mode via bridge for testing purposes). Is there a menu from the setup that allows it to see the cRIO and connect to it?

I have followed the “Getting started with FRC Control System 2012” guide, and I haven’t found anything in it that says how to exactly connect to the cRIO via DAP.

I’m assuming you have the cRIO plugged into the DAP. Is the DAP set up to have the network address of your team? (e.g.- 10.xx.yy.zz, where xx is the first two numbers of your team, and yy is the other two numbers, and zz could be anything really…) Also is your computer set up to automatically use DHCP and receive an IP address from the DAP? Make sure to have the DAP on AP(Access Point) mode when it is running so you can connect to it. Also make sure that you have flashed your cRIO II to the latest version with your team number so it can assign it an IP address for competition to use.

If none of these things seem to be the problem, I’ll look more into what could be wrong, meaning listing off other ideas where the problem could have arisen from.

ok, ill try that; Thanks :]

No problem :wink:

In your case, the IP of the DAP actually needs to be
The subnet mask is
Then just use an ethernet to plug it into the crio, and connect the laptop to the DAP (in AP mode)
Finally, the driver station should pick it up. Putting your team number in the driver station will automagically fix your computer’s ip settings

Unless you’re actually at a competition, you should be following the directions to set it up in Access Point mode for team use. See pages 29-35 of the Getting Started document.

I have followed the “Getting started with FRC Control System 2012” guide, and I haven’t found anything in it that says how to exactly connect to the cRIO via DAP.

The computer running the Driver Station application should connect to the wireless network created by the DAP. If you’ve followed the directions properly, the SSID will be your team number. The network settings on your computer should be set properly by the Driver Station when you enter your team number on the Setup tab.

How much voltage does the dlink require?


I know it seems trivial to mention, but you do have the DLink connected to the cRio via an Ethernet cable, correct?

I would also recommend setting up the DLink in AP mode. It will make connecting for practice a lot easier to do. (Change WLAN adapter IPv4 to 10.xx.yy.2 and leave all other options blank. Connect to the network that your robot is now broadcasting.)

Uh…no. is for the cRIO. The recommended IP address for a programming computer is, and the Driver Station will set itself to (wireless) or (wired).

Sorry about that. I thought the cRio was set to

Just for clarification, the D-link is set to

Right…that’s the default gateway.

The DLink doesn’t act as a gateway.
Our robot networks don’t use nor do they need a gateway.
Actually, by convention 10. private networks are essentially forbidden to go through gateways.
The DLink performs as an access point and a switch.

People sometimes enter it in the gateway field, but that isn’t doing anything.
That can be left blank or given a fictitious IP and it wouldn’t make any difference.

If you have the DAP in bridge mode, you need a wireless router for it to connect to. That is the way it will be for competition. Your computer will connect to the wireless router either by cable (just like the field) or via wireless.

Away from competition you can set the DAP for access point mode and connect your computer via wireless directly to the DAP. Saves having to have another router.

Do not use the auto position on the DAP. It works just takes a while for it to decide to be a bridge or an access point.

Thanks for all the help guys :smiley: !