How to...?

Just a quick question, how does a team win an award at a regional their not at?

They don’t.

The only exception I could see (by interpretation) is winning RAS or EI at a district state championship.

In both of those instances the teams may it may not have a competing robot, as it does not automatically qualify them to compete.

At 10,000 Lakes a team won the Imagery Award and they didn’t attend the regional. I was just curious on how that works.

Looks like (according to the Blue Alliance page for 10K Lakes) someone initially accidentally put in 2826 for Imagery initially as opposed to 2846. FIRST’s official page has 2846.

That makes more sense. Thanks!

A mentor from that team was there and imho looked pretty good… does that count???

Edit: Here was the error (not my screen shot):

Being at that event, I can confirm that 2846 won the imagery award. They always have a crazy LED light show on their robot, and they won this same award in 2012.

Go Fire Bears!

FTAA from the event here!

The volunteer entering the awards on Friday night made a typo. This was brought to our attention and corrected on Saturday afternoon.

As others have pointed out, 2846 is the correct winner for the Imagery Award.