How Was The Final Robots Chosen?

Like I posted in my old post, I was playing Madden on the laptop in the pit during the whole announcements…:stuck_out_tongue:
So how is it chosen? Was it just purely on ranking or did the judges have something with it too? I know the final teams picked some teams too… I know that some really low ranking bots got chosen… SOMEHOW

The top 8 seeded teams become alliance captains. They are the ones who choose who will be their partners. It goes like this. #1 seed has 1st choice. He can pick any team he chooses, It goes down the list to #8. Then the 2nd choosing starts with #8 getting 1st choice, all the way back to #1. The alliance captains can choose any team they want, but only only captains can decline & have the right to choose another team.

Any of the alliance captains can choose a alliance captain after them, They can accept or decline. If a alliance captain is chosen & he accepts, he now becomes an alliance partner & is no longer a captain. Whoever is next in line after the top 8 will become an alliance captain. But if you are not in the top 8 and you are asked to join an alliance you can either accept or decline. If you decline, you can not be chosen by any other team & will not be in the finals matches.

So the best way to be in the finals is to kick @#@#$@# and be in the top 8?

That assures you will be in the finals, so yeah.

Otherwise, you can still be good and just hope. Or make friends with other teams.


This is a word to the wise, not a harangue:

There are many things that will help a team either become an Alliance Captain or get picked by one.

I can guarantee that, in all but the most extremely odd situations, playing Madden in your pit isn’t one of them. In most situations that is a good way to interfere with getting picked by teams that eventually become the Alliance Captains. Teams’ scouts are likely to take a dim view of Madden in the pits.

You have the rest of your life to play video games. Time at an FRC tournament is precious. Use it wisely.


Marc pretty much nailed it, but there is one other way.

After the selection process, the top few seeds remaining (up to 8) are asked not to crate up yet. In case of a robot breaking so badly that it can’t be repaired in time, the alliance captain of that alliance can call in one of the backup teams–the highest seed comes in.

Really? Four replies and nobody has given the “Read the manual” speech yet? Okay then, I’ll do it.

David, I have one acronym for you: RTFM. In other words, read the FIRST manual. In fact, I’ll even include the link to make it easy for you. In case you forget, check EricH’s signature for a helpful reminder. That is all.

Undoubtedly the knowledge gained playing video games will be applied to next years full-autonomous robot …


… which must handle standard size NFL footballs…

…by throwing TD passes and catching ones from other robots…

… autonomously, while hovering in your own home zone …

careful guys. the last thing we want to do is start giving the GDC ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve been giving them the football one for years now, and they still haven’t done anything with it. Unless you count Aim High, but that was basketball.

that’s good to know. now I won’t be so hesitant about joining in on some of these weird speculations :smiley: