How was this years game compared to others?

This is only my first year with FIRST. So I wouldn’t know how all other games were. I watched a few of last years game, it was all right. But I LOVE the game of 2001! I liked everything about it. What is everyone elses opinion on it?

I miss the head to head but after the first match I was hooked on the game-
the teamwork aspect was really better than I thought

all in all I would like to see this 4-0 comp again (maybe not next year)


I still remember a lot of people debating which type of competition is better… it went on for a long time. I guess people are too tired of starting the discussion all over again.

Sorry, Anthony if you didn’t get the responds you were hoping for. It’s just that there are so many different opinions that I think people would rather see next year’s game and have a different argument about if that game is good or bad.

For me, I am going to agree with some people and just wait and see what FIRST come up with. I am still going to find some fun out of the competition no matter what it is. After all, I had tons of fun with the 2 vs. 2 back at 1999, and I had tons of fun last year with 4 teams working together.

Well, maybe we can talk about a different topic… How about prediction with next year’s game? HA, I bet that topic is too worn out too. :smiley:

Woodie was at Mayhem for a little, and I remeber him asking people for ideas or opinons about a new game. I guess they arn’t to sure about what their doing next year either…


I liked the game in 1998 the best. That was my team’s first year as a team and maybe my total enjoyment of that game had something to do with the fact that FIRST was new to all of us. Anyway…that year was the last year that each team worked to earn its own score. I can’t even think of how to describe the game…but I’m sure you all know where to find out about it (if you don’t already know) on FIRST’s site. Anyway…that was my fav game…the game this year was my second favorite.

~Angela who can still remember her first impression of FIRST nats four years ago

All these time I’ve been reading about what year is the best for everyone… and I see a lot comments that say the first year of FIRST was the best experience for a lot of people.

Which is true for myself… I started 1999, and I thought that that competition was the best I’ve been to. Maybe it’s just that the first time at competition always seems so special for new people…

I believe 1998 was the competition with the 2.5’ diameter balls with the hex. pyramid at the center and three sets of rails sloping down toward it… And I remember it was three teams playing against each other in one match. Kind of set an interesting balance of power in every match.

Well, I was in FIRST in '98 and '99 is my favorite year so your first year in FIRST is not always your favorite. :wink: Maybe 'cause that was the first year I was on a team that actually did well. Then again I also believe that others have given their vote to the '99 year so maybe it just was the best year. :wink:


My favorite year was co-opertition because no matter what happened or what the odds were against in the match you still had a shot of winning the match. Where this year if you were broken you were broken and weakened not only your scores but three other teams scores bringing them down with you.