How well did the regional competition help preparing?

Posted by Ken Leung at 03/19/2001 3:07 AM EST

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

After coming back from a regional competition, I feel that we learned a lot from the actual competition. And that prepared us a lot for the up coming competition.

So, just a general question to you all.

How well did the regional competition prepare you for up coming competition?

Posted by Kevin Sevcik at 03/19/2001 10:01 AM EST

Other on team #57, Leopards, from BT Washington and the High School for Engineering Professions and Exxon, Kellog Brown & Root, Powell Electrical.

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Posted by Ken Leung on 03/19/2001 3:07 AM EST:

The regionals we’ve been to have prepared us very well for upcoming competitions. We’ve learned a lot at regionals. At KSC, we learned that a small ball manipulator is almost completely unnecessary, and that being just a limbo bot can still pay off. After the addition of a bridge knocker and some improved traction, we got 1st seed at Lone Star.

I think what we’ve learned from Lone Star is that consistently balancing 1 goal is a good way to get QPs, but you HAVE to be able to balance 2 goals to make it in the playoffs. Unfortunately, our robot isn’t great at doing that yet, and the 3 other teams that could were seeded 2,3, and 4. D’oh. So hopefully with this valuable strategic knowledge, and experience, we’ll do well at nationals.

Plus, being a regional champ and 1st seed is always good to have on a resume when you’re trying to get picked for an alliance.

Team 57 - The Leopards
The Big Cat - Now with Karate Chop action and Kung Fu grip.

Posted by Joe Johnson at 03/19/2001 11:01 AM EST

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

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Posted by Kevin Sevcik on 03/19/2001 10:01 AM EST:

Just so folks don’t set themselves up for too much disappointment, I think everyone should be clear on the numbers at EPCOT.

There are approximately 65 Regional Champs (excluding the double dippers like Buzz and Metal In Motion).

There are only 40 teams in the Elimination Rounds at EPCOT.

If FIRST does not expand the rounds by 1 more level, I predict that only 1/4 to 1/3 of the regional champs will even be playing in the Elims.

This is going to be a very bitter pill to swollow for many teams.

Joe J.

Posted by Jessica Boucher at 03/19/2001 2:55 PM EST

Student on team #237, Sie-H2O-Bots, from Watertown High School and Eastern Awning Systems & The Siemon Company.

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Posted by Joe Johnson on 03/19/2001 11:01 AM EST:

…who did you talk to at the last regional about this problem?

-Jessica B, #237