How were your announcers?

How were the announcers at your regionals?

Ours got better as things got more exciting for the hartford regional. I’m not sure who the mc was, but he was on roller skates, and he was good too. By the finals our annoucers were great, everything was pumped, and i was yelling my head off and dancing the macarena to eveyrisngle song.

Words can’t describe him.

Ah Mark Leon…he is quite the character. Never had the chance to work with him, but hopefully I’ll get to soon.

Did you mean how were your MC’s or announcers? MC’s are the ones on the field to introduce the teams, where as the announcer calls the play by play.

Yeah, usually the MCs are more lively.

The announcer at the GLR was great! Very enthusiastic, positive, a great guy!

I’ll post a picture of him when I find one.

I thought the announcer and the MC at UTC Hartford were very good. They definitely kept the crowd entertained and informed.

We will be attending the SBPLI Long Island Regional again this year and are VERY Hopeful that there will be a new MC. The person doing it last year had no clue as to what the game entailed and seemed to think that the teams were comprised of 5th graders. At least that’s how he spoke to and treated them.

There oughta be a rule that MC’s and announceers have to attend a regional prior to theirs :slight_smile: The Granite State regional could serve as a very good training ground for future (or budding) announcers and MC’s IMHO

That isn’t always the case. I did my first regional last year at NJ…Granted, I was on a FIRST team for 4 years so I knew the tempo of a regional. After that one regional I got invited to do Atlanta, and NYC…so it works out sometime


If I remember the Webcast correctly…the MC of UTC was Blair.

Quite frankly he’s the man. He’s known as the “Voice of FIRST” and is the announcer on Einstein during the Final Matches.

He’s always high excitement, and you guys definately recieved a treat by him being your MC.

BTW he’s the one that inspired me to be a play by play announcer.

Andy Grady > practically everyone when it comes to announcing. :wink:

The announcer and MC at BAE were great…but I can’t wait for Mark Leon at So Cal -_-v

I don’t know, At Buckeye this year, the MC was good, but it was his first competition and it just didn’t feel right for some reason, I’m sure he will get better though. Last years Buckeye MC was great!

I think my main pet peeve with this years MC:
3…2…1…BEGIN instead of 3…2…1…Go!

Last year’s Buckeye MC was Dave Verbrugge, whose excellent skills need no introduction. Plus free headstands! I’m guessing he was at Great Lakes this year?

You don’t have to look too far. GLR had Verbrugge as MC and Copioli announcing. 'Nuff said.

UTC New England! Our MC was great! The roller skate thing was definately funny and made things more exciting. Plus, with Andy Grady doing the announcing made an awesome regional event. Even if you were just listening from the pits! Thanx guys! Grady = An amazing and exciting event! :smiley:

It was hilarious when Blair was on the roller skates and went up the ramp and into the wall. The people in the drivers station freaked out when he went full speed into the wall, shaking it just a little bit

Dan Green is my favorite mc. I suppose he’ll be announcing Midwest this weekend. I can’t wait. We’ve never been to West Michigan, how are the announcers there?

FLR had Steve Warren and John V Neun.

Although I thought their back and forth banter at the Ruckus was better, I really did enjoy both of them. JVN was great at personalizing the announcing, and Steve calls a great match.

Thanks guys!

All I can say is that Wayne from 2Train robotics was the greatest announcer I have ever seen and been priveliged enough to know personally. He was energetic, fun, and even though his team was competing, he didn’t show a hint of favoritism and he really helped us by “lobbying” with the refs when we were down on our luck and needed just those few precious extra seconds to fix our bot during the elimination rounds. He also did great keeping the crowd involved while we were trying to get the field problems fixed during the finals. Keep up the great work, Wayne, I know you will! Doot-da-do! :smiley:

We’re going to have Blair this year in Israel
He was here last year too…and he was great
(on the other hand…the israeli guy explaining in hebrew was bad :rolleyes: )

Id have to stick with Dan Green lol