How wide is the alliance wall?

I have been banging my head against an (alliance) wall. I can’t figure out the geometry and dimensions of the alliance wall and human player zone. I know I am not the only one having trouble because another team asked directly in the A and A, but the answer was essentially “figure it out yourself”. The thing is, without either the width of the alliance wall, or the length of the field wall of the human player zone, or even the angle of the human player zone, I don’t see any way to figure it out.

Perhaps there is something buried in the Basic Field Drawings that gives a clue, but I can’t find it. The closest I can find is that the length of each of the three operator station shelves is given, but there must be a wall separating them, I doubt you can just add them together. Am I wrong?

So, can someone point me to the location of the secret decoder ring that gives me the critical info I need? Any ideas?

I believe you want to look at the “Basic Field Drawings” set. This will give you the width of each wall plate (72", per page 8–you’ll need 3). Note that while there are supports between them, the plate meets up on the field side so the width doesn’t count. Incidentally, the supports (not walls, just supports) are only about 2-3" square tubes, I want to say the latter.

72"x3=216", which is about 18 feet. Given the field width, you should now be able to work out the dimensions you need.