How will the Balls Change once FIRST Paints them

In the past (2004’s clovers for example) FIRST has pretty much taken on the theory we occasionally take at work when we change parts.

When applicable is is stated that “NO CHANGES AFFECT FORM, FIT, OR FUNCTION”.

That’s what FIRST has done in the past, and I don’t see any reason that will change.

FIRST is, first and foremost, a company. I would not be surprised if a company’s product or services, if it benefitted FIRST in one way or another, had influence on a given year’s Kit of Parts or on the game design itself (e.g. if Poof donated 10,000 poof balls, don’t you think the Game Design Committee would find a way to use them?!?!).


FIRST is not a company, it is a non-profit organization. Regardless, you are correct that they would appreciate a generous donation from anyone.

i think this question is a good one!!!
But who knows how far ahead in ordering balls first had thought!!!
Lets hope they ordered ALOT!!! LOL

Well I don’t know if we received any blue/red balls in our shipment, but I do know that we have some half-red and some half-blue so I am sure they are capable of making that color combination. I am hoping that FIRST was able to contract with the supplier to provide all half-blue/half-red for the competitions - just to make the events more aesthetically pleasing (at least until the covers wear off) :wink:

Oh. You’re one of those people. All the very best teams just won’t have anything other than the black-and-yellow balls. I suppose that we should be culturally sensitive and all that, but the red-and-blue ball people just aren’t the right sort, are they?

they definitely aren’t painting the balls this year, because, as you may recall, every ball you score is given to the other team, so the balls are recycled. therefore, they can’t have red and blue balls, because there is no assignment needed. In other words, no paint.

What? :ahh:

you mean the balls are not **ALL ** red & black :slight_smile:

Ours are all red & black…to match our pit! :rolleyes:

I though all the balls were the same !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh we ordered 48 balls. And there’s atleast 3 different color schemes in the ones we got.