How will they top WILL I AM?

Any thoughts how they will try to top what they did for kick off last year? I am sure that Dean and friends have some tricks up their sleeves. My guess and this is just a guess is that it may be Barack Obama. That would explain the pre recording kickoff…

There is a presidential primary going on in New Hampshire the same weekend as the kickoff. There isn’t a hotel in a couple of hundred miles available and the rates are ridiculous. You couldn’t do a live kickoff there because no one could show up.

I’d be willing to bet there would be no live kickoff regardless of what events are occurring in the area.

They will have a robot And they will announce many desirable rule changes.

I’ll just be happy if they give us a great game.


As soon as it starts, Dean and Woodie walk on stage, and say just one thing:

“Minibot scores will be lowered”!

The pre-recording announcement was issued before the primary date was set.

Because learning the new FIRST game is more important than picking a new presidential candidate, duh! :smiley:

I’m interested in why Cory is willing to make that bet.

Edit: It’s easy to figure out the impact of the primary and what the safe action would be regarding that - before the date is established but having a pretty good idea…


Amen. I’ve been counting down the days until FIRSTmas…January 7th

You celebrate that holiday too?! Every year my team has their annual FIRSTmas party! It involves endless speeches from Dean, waking up at 4 in the morning, watching the new game video, and spending more time in the robotics room than we do at our houses!

For those who don’t celebrate FIRSTmas, it’s closely related to your holiday of “kick-off”, but a lot more fun, and you loose a lot more sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for how they will top it. They will give us a game with logical bumper rules (none?), clear rules that don’t need to be radically changed on update 1, suppliers that can actually supply parts in a timely fashion… and finally, by putting 5 fields on the floor of the dome again.

Live events cost money (yes prerecording costs money too) and limit what you are capable of doing. As I mentioned in the thread discussing the announcement this will allow FIRST to do some more interesting things such as having guests speak who would otherwise be unavailable for 2+ days to fly to frigid NH.

This just opens up new options for them.

This isn’t based on conjecture, it comes from a conversation I had with John Dudas a couple weeks back at a STEM conference.

^That, over and over again that

^This. Plus it just doesn’t feel like a decision that was made based on circumstance specific to this year.

It’s also possible they want to show something that is difficult to do live, like driving a robot with the kinect on the demo field.

The problem is that they have prerecorded segments every year. Why not just be partially live, and partially prerecorded like usual?:confused:


I think the best way to top is with
Rather than have the man stand uncomfortably on the side with his silver satchel, bringing him in to the center to have him mutter “it’s dope” - engage him. Let him use his talents, his skills, his roladex to bring in other stars of the screen and stage to promote the event. If he could get the likes of Justin Timberlake, Jack Black, Steven Tyler, and Bono to do promotional snippets for his ABC special, imagine what he can do for a planned, known, annual event!


He’s been promoting a song that he will release when Curiosity lands on Mars. Can we look for T.H.F. (The Hardest Fun) to come out on January 7th?

Is it possible that some of the main players will not be available for some reason? I am sure that they would want to be there and plan accordingly, but sometimes they can’t be avoided. Maybe they have a huge snow storm planned for that weekend.

Which brings about another point - who are the main players now?