How will we say 5 digit numbers?

Recently our team started an interesting and fun conversation… when we have 5 digit team numbers, how will we say/announce them? For example we are 1711 and are announced seventeen eleven. So for a 5 digit version let’s say 11711, would it be 1-17-11 or 117-11 or 11-711 or even next year for “Reefspace” bubble- bubble- bubble bubble etc. Also, will it change over time? The first few will all be 10000 or 10027… It has been a lot of fun to speculate. Thoughts?


I am part of an FTC team with 5 digit numbers. Ours is 10127. The way we say ours it just saying each number like one-oh-one-two-seven or some field announcers pronounce ours as ten-one-27 either or really for us


Standard emcee/GA cadence would be ##-#-##. Alternate could be #-#-#-#-#

11324 would be Eleven-Three-Twenty Four alternate would be One One Three Two Four

This is already something that’s been around in FTC for many years.


I’ve always felt like #-##-## made more sense than ##-#-##. Just stick a single digit onto how we already say team numbers.


@Tyler_Olds we did research and knew that, but then further discussed, what if we were 10000? it would be preferred to call us “Ten Thousand” maybe team name BC. Now you see where the conversation can go pretty far afield… haha

You’ll be called “ten * TV static *” and you will like it. /j


One more sample point.
Team 15755 refered to ourselves as “fifteen seven fifty five”.


That is the part of the conversation we were chasing. How teams refer to themselves and market themselves will carry over to social media, and field announcing. If Rush wanted to be referred to as team “Two Seven” from the beginning, then I am sure that is what we would call them today.

It’s ##-#-## because that accords better with the full name of the number, which is “##-thousand #-hundred ##”. For four-digit numbers, we’re basing it on the technically non-standard but ubiquitous “##-hundred ##” format. In a five-digit version you would never say e.g. “one hundred fifty-seven hundred fifty-five” rather than “fifteen thousand seven hundred fifty-five,” to take @billbo911’s example.


I think it’ll still come down to the specific numbers and what rolls off the tongue easiest the same way it already happens with the four digit numbers.

I get there’s a history in the series of numbers but it does feel a bit ‘wasteful’ going into the 10K series when there’s upwards of 6,000 4-digit numbers not in active use and FTC teams are already using 10K numbers.

I’d almost rather see them add a letter to the front of the number and start back at zero using inactive numbers - lets you stay with the 4-digit number but can signify it’s a ‘second generation’ team in terms of numbers. ie B2409


During queuing for FTC there were two 10xxx teams, the rest were 4 digit teams. The queuers would say “Ten Many Numbers”. This wouldn’t work for all 5 digit teams.

Thousand numbers would be pronounced as the whole number 11000 would be: Team Eleven Thousand. As there are only 1 per 1000 teams I would say this is a much less common scenario.

900 is pronounced Nine Hundred.


The issue I see with the #-##-## cadence is branding. For example, 8738 and 18738 are very distinct with the ##-#-## cadence (eighty seven thirty eight vs eighteen seven thirty eight). If we were using your proposed system, it would be very easy to confuse those numbers in conversation (eighty seven thirty eight vs one eighty seven thirty eight).


Teams can also let the GA/MC know how they prefer their number to be announced, so kinda depends on the team and the number.


Eighty-seven thirty-eight.

Eighteen seven thirty-eight?

Eight-TEEN seven thirty-eight!

Even if Dean’s Homework #2 really catches fire, we have a season or two of ten, eleven, and twelve thousand teams coming before “leading teens” become a source of confusion.

Follow up thought: whatif – HQ makes the “leading teen” team numbers a part of Dean’s Homework #2?

So if the Average Joes 3620 (thirty-six twenty) start a new team, it’s number is 13620 (thirTEEN six twenty). Of course we’d need to identify several leading teens to be the core group of such a team …


Probably a good question to ask FTC Teams. FLL as well, but apparently many team’s students don’t actually realize they have a number because its used in their branding so much less.

Though I suspect probably generally: xx-y-zz
14366 = 14 3 66

And when a given thousand are under the 100 mark it would probably be xx-thousand-zz
14063 = 14-thousand 63

I’m sure there will be exceptions to the above 2 ‘rules’ based on what will roll off the tongue.

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Any time there’s zeros in the number, the cadence of saying it changes. Especially if the zero is in the tens-digit place. Trisonics in FiM is often pronounced four-thousand-three, but sometimes four-oh-oh-three. Frog Force is usually said five-oh-three.

Many FLL teams have 5 digit numbers. When a team has only 3 digits, or some 4-digit numbers depending on the exact number, the MC might stumble saying the number, thinking it was another 4 or 5 digit number.


I’m on FTC team 11468 and we pronounce our number “Eleven Four Six Eight”

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11001? Eleven Thousand and 1?


I assume teams with that general format will be pronounced much like 3003 & 3005, etc (three thousand three, three thousand 5)