How will your team climb onto the habitat platforms?

Has your team come up with any ideas on how you could accomplish any of the platforms, the tallest one (in the middle) is what we are hoping to aim for.

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I think the habitat ranking point is going to be easier to achieve than the rocket. This requires 2/3 robots to get to the second level OR 1/3 to get to the 3rd level. getting from level 1 to 2 is a 6 inch gap, and might take a second, but is worth the equivalent of an extra cargo. going 2 to 3 is probably not significantly more design work, although will take aprox twice as long, and is worth another equivalent 2 cargo. With all this in mind, I think 2nd level is a HUGE benefit, and I would suggest many teams go to 3rd level.

Edit: didn’t see the word “How” and I thought this was just asking if we will. Keeping this anyways.


Just an idea we have
we will use the elevator to push down on the platform to lift the front of the robot up, and we will have a custom rear half of the chassis that will allow the rear wheels to extend down to raise the rear of the robot chassis. Then the rear wheels will drive the robot forward enough to get the front wheels on the top platform, those will drive forward and get the middle wheels on it, then the rear wheels will come back up and finish driving onto the platform


It was still a very helpful answer :slight_smile: