How would I add individually addressable buttons to robot global data front panel

While I’m also working on trying to initialize the controller and own motors I also wondering how I would add reference values for the individual controller buttons on the robot global data front panel. With the two joystick I’m going to use for driving all I had to do was add two numeric indicators and reference them in periodic tasks but how would I go about adding individual buttons and triggers from the controller that I can use to control the 4 motors from the shooter system

A better question is why would you want to? What’s the value in reading the joysticks at 10ms when you’re only using the values every 100ms? Read the values where you want them.

That said, you’d index the array of buttons same as you do for using them anywhere else and input that to the global boolean. But really, there isn’t a good reason to do this that I can think of.