How would you describe your robot?( shooting, climbing, etc.)

Would you describe your robot in terms of shooting oriented, climbing, limboing, etc.?

Feeding. So much feeding.

Shooting will definitely be our strong suit. We can go from 0 to 60 degrees, so we’re hoping to be a pyramid shooter if we can get the angles and speeds worked out at competition.

I’d say a Auto, Pyramid Shooting, Hanging bot of screaming death. Our feeder is such that another shooter could drop Frisbees in it if they wanted to. For the first year ever we stayed fairly simple in our design and I hope it pays off.

Autonomous (18 points)
Good shooter
Climber (10 or 30 points, still need to work out a couple issues)
Good feeder to a floor pickup partner, might even score a few from the feeder station.

Could be a good defender (strong pusher, in low gear), but that’s not a big part of our strategy.

Can go under the pyramid, but not much reason to, since we don’t have floor pickup and we climb on the outside.

auto (18 points) and shooting.
I guess once we finish off all 45 Frisbees we could always play defense for the last 20 seconds or so? But that is a side strategy that will be applied when necessary only.

Watch your head!

Like the robot name suggests; Panda: Eats, shoots and leaves

Belt-Based shooter and ground loader with a (hopefully) 20 pt hang.

Goes-under-the-pyramid, station feeder, adjustable shooter (full-court if necessary/appropriate, or closer), 12-18 pt. auto, solid 10-pt. hang (they’re hoping to have 30 by competition but I think they’ll come to their senses and abandon it), tough pusher.

Not: tall defender, floor feeder.

A 30 point climbing full court shooter :wink:

-Amazing autonomous (18 points minimum)
-Shooter that can tilt from 0 to about 80 degrees in about a second
-Auto-aiming shooter
-Mecanum wheels (and a good driver to go with them!)
-Floor pick-up for frisbees
-Human player frisbee retrieval
-Short enough to drive under the pyramid
-10 point climber
-JAVA programming

It drives, it shoots frisbees somewhere, it hangs for 10, it can duck under the pyramid bars.

And…it has baling wire, duct tape and a chunk of 2x4 in it!

-KOP Belt-Based Drivetrain
-Fixed Belt-Based Shooter (we like belts :slight_smile: )
-Hoping to make 3-4 trips per match to load 4 frisbees each time
-Reliable, works every time 10 point hanger
-For Eliminations and certain qualification matches, we have a strategy setup to sit at the feeder and just advance discs down the field to a floor loading alliance member. (Making us a multi-use member if needed)

So we are looking to score 50-80 points each match

  • 3-disc auton
  • Extremely low-profile
  • Shoot, shoot, shoot
  • 10 point hang

We’re guessing we should easily be able to score anywhere between 40-60 points per match.

Hopefully we’ll be able to describe ours as “World Champion”

Only climbing.

Climb for 30 and dump for 20 in 30 seconds bot. It was our strategy from the beginning given our resources and commitment, it is the maximum points we felt we could deliver consistently.

A vid from right before bag and tag:

We have been sharing our bot for a couple weeks over at this thread:

“Bang Bang”

We’re a shooter/feeder bot and if that doesn’t scare people, the sound from our shooter will:yikes: