How would you power the operator interface

Without using an AC adaptor or any tethering?

Thank you in advance.

At competition, the OI is powered through the Competition Port. However, plugging random things into this port is not recommended.

To answer your question directly, you must supply power in some way. You can use a battery of the proper voltage, an AC adaptor, or tether it to a robot controller. That’s about it for choices.


we actually wire a 9 volt battery to a dc plug like the one on the power pack…(you can get em at radio shack or a hooby shop)

and just plug it in…works great!

Anything from 9-12 volts DC will work. Last year, I removed an appropriate connector from an old, dead AC adapter and wired it up to an old, not-quite-dead-yet 12 volt drill battery. It successfully powered an OI for many minutes at a time.

Would it be ok to put a fuse and adapter plug on an Anderson connector and plug it into a spare big gray robot battery?

that’d prolly do it too

We just power it trough our competition controller…
(it dos void the warranty so make sure you know what your doing!)

What i’d like to develop would be a DC-DC converter to drive the OI with a good 3.7v li-ion cell. Keeps things light, small, and compact, and delivers one heck of a kick. Too bad I can’t replace that heavy backup battery with a smaller cell for the chicklet and robot controller in competition:(

That should work fine. For sizing the fuse, keep in mind that the OI wants about 1.5 amps of current.

Here is a white paper you might find useful, worked for us:

Nice, I would have never thought to look for that and it will make testing outside much easier.