How would you properly initialize and use buttons from a controller for something other than drive

So I’ve finished the drive controls for our robot and now I’m working on programming a secondary controller that will be used to control the shooter for the ball and it will be 4 independent inputs. The intake arm, intake motors, conveyer, and fly wheel. For the driver motors everything was usually pluged into a take drive module but I’m not sure would you do this here and how would you do the constants in the robot global data front panel. This is what I have so far

There should be Motor blocks extremely similar to all of the Drive blocks, but orange rather than yellow if memory serves me correctly.

So would I have to replace the “open 4 motors drive” and drive references on with 4 individual open motors nodes?

The drive block will work for a set of two or four motors all attached to the same mechanism (so, for example, if you have several motors on your shooter, you could use a drive block to control multiple of them), as all the drive block does if you open it up is create a few motor blocks and then pair their inputs in a convenient fashion.

For independent motors, yes use new motor blocks.

Ok that clears things up, but in the periodic tasks screenshot would I still wire the RobotDrive ref into a tank drive module like in the while loop for the driving motors also if would I have to do the individual motor modules instead of the drive motor modules if I wanted to control each input with a different set of buttons on the controller. And I I did would I need to create individual RefNum names, error in/ error out, and robot drive ref. Or can I wire them all into the same set motor module?

As far as I remember (graduated years ago) no, nothing goes in periodic tasks for other motors.

Yes, unless you want to have a button act as an axis

Individual, copy-paste helps