How you know when your team has respect from teachers

Just thought id add this as a different kind of “UK your Addicted to FIRST when…” meme, if you have a better name, plz say it!

When your physics teacher won’t give you a test on newton’s laws, but says your team breaks them.

You know your team has respect from teachers when there is a mandatory assembly on a weekend just to watch the livestream of your team’s competition.

you know your team has respect from teachers when classes start waving projects during build season saying you get full credit if the robot ships.

When they dedicate a day to take the team to an event because the coach(another teacher) decided to get married that weekend.

When you are given keys and free reign of several science classrooms for use as meeting and work space after-hours.

971 doesn’t have a lab or classroom of their own to work in. In fact, the only space that belongs to the team is a tablein an interior hallway of the science wing, and a storage closet. Several science teachers give the team regular access to their rooms, and their support has increased since we started working out of the science wing in 2004.

When ‘robots’ is an appropriate and accepted excuse for turning work in late.

When the school district lets your Head Coach stop teaching math and start teaching Robotics classes instead because the team was able to interest enough students to fill 4 periods.

When the teacher gives you the option of taking the Robotics classes as either Pass/Fail or A-F graded. So it doesn’t drop your GPA if you take AP classes and can raise your GPA if you aren’t.

When you go to open house (meet the teachers day) and one of your son’s teachers recognizes you as a robotics mentor (turns out she’s the cheerleader coach, and we usually set up the air cannon near them at football games).

When the principal and vice-principal make the hour drive on Saturday to the local regional.

(and similar stories with using rooms and watching life feeds of competition in classrooms and starting a robotics class)