Howdy Bots' Shop Robbed

TL; DR: Our shop was robbed and thieves got away with $10,000 worth of laptops and tools. It is a huge setback for the team. We would appreciate if you would visit our Go Fund Me at

A few weeks back, the Howdy Bot shop experienced a break-in. The thieves stole several things including laptops, cordless tools, electrical crimpers, our large TV display and a projector. We learned some lessons, strengthened our security and were able to call the police and thwart a second attempt a few days later. Items stolen total $10,000.

As you can imagine, this is quite a setback for the team. Unfortunately, our insurance policy only covers liability, not property losses. As a community team, every dollar we have is raised from private donors. Many of the tools and equipment were donated. While our annual fundraiser is taking place in a few weeks, those funds are already earmarked for operating expenses such as registration fees, robot parts and the rent for our shop space ($40,000/year). We are not able to easily absorb these new costs.

Because of this we are reaching out to our FRC community for help. We welcome any financial or in-kind donations you can make. And as always thank you for your support of this amazing community and appreciate any support you can offer our team. We hope to see all of you this spring. If you would like to make an in-kind donation or have a question, please contact [email protected].

Please check out our Go Fund me:


The Howdy Bots head coach was interviewed by KXAN Austin this evening:


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