Howell District 2014 Victory thanks Alliance Partners 67 and 469

:frowning: Dear CD,

Just a quick shout out for our alliance partners 67 and 469, who powered our alliance to victory at the first, Howell MI district event this year.

3548 was ranked number 13 for CCWM at the event, so you can imagine my disappointment as the number 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 alliances didn’t select us. Talk about pins and needles! Then to be selected for the number one alliance…Wow!

Our alliances partners were awesome and we sailed through the eliminations 6-0 to gold at Howell.

As a very capable inbounder, passer, trusser, 11 pt auton scorer and about 50% 10 point telelop shooter, our role for defense hadn’t really been tested until Howell.

My favorite youtube video is SF1-2 where our very capable driver, April, spun 910’s robot in circles a couple of times (sorry, Jon) to shut down the alliances top scorer.

The finals found our alliance against the top scoring district robot, Team 27, where we continued to play defense and assisted in shutting down the alliances top scorer.

Our robot has the battle scars from the eliminations (bent KOP front frame) that we will fix before our next competition (State?). We have time to build “battle armored” bumpers to replace our “battle scarred” pieces.

Thanks again to our alliance partners for selecting us! Even though a small team, we had prepared our robot to partner with “the big dogs” and I am so glad we didn’t disappoint them.

Thanks to Joe Johnson and the Team Boom Done which are robot design is based on (with some improvements).

Thanks to team 573 who helped us with some of our “El Torro” intake system issues.

Biggest thanks to the CD community which provided technical assistance to both our team’s mechanical and electrical issues during this year’s build season.

We hope that with 75 points we will make and see others at State’s!!

Victory Picture at Howell District

Great working with you guys! Some fantastic D! Hope to see you at MSC