How's the Polar Vortex affecting your build?

We are located in Michigan and are in the midst of at least 3 days of no school, probably 4. We don’t build at the school, so that leaves us with some options to continue, but I am sure those building in schools are finding this weather to be a challenge!

How’s it going?


We are scrambling to find a solution to being locked out for 3-4 days straight…

The only problem is that I’ll have to pack up our trailer with supplies and a robot in 35mph winds and a -25 degree wind chill. On the upside, we found two places where we can go to.

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We don’t build at the school, but we haven’t been meeting since many of the students drive them selves or carpool and the roads are rather dangerous. Not a good time for a setback

I finally had to break out the hat and gloves. We have 2 days off school which will be a nice opportunity to finalize the CAD and give the build team a much deserved break.


We’re somewhat lucky in that our school is located about a block away from a major state highway that gets plowed/salted regularly. Also being in a more rural area, a lot of our members have vehicles with 4WD. We canceled our meeting yesterday (during the worst of the storm) but we intend to have our regular build meeting tonight and through the rest of the week.

We also have the benefit of having multiple mentors with access to the school building so we can get in even when the school is closed.

We will likely lose Wednesday as a build day. Because of the school district canceling extra curricular activities, and hosting an FLL district tournament, we have already lost two Saturdays (12th and 19th) and two Thursdays (10th and 17th). It is one of the things you have to deal with. No our plan to be done early with plenty of practice time has become our plan to be done on time without adding a lot of extra work sessions.

We had one day of school last week (Tuesday). This week, we haven’t had school. Perhaps we’ll have school Friday. Work hard and do everything you can. Adjust the project timelines as needed.

Yikes, do you guys deal with a lot of lake-effect snow or something? That seems like an awful long time to have schools closed, considering the weather I’ve seen elsewhere in the state. :open_mouth:

We’re a rural school with a lot of dirt roads. As a result the plowing is intermittent. In addition, they don’t usually melt down to the dirt and many don’t get salted. The rain we had last week turned those dirt roads into solid blocks of ice. Yesterday was off for snow. Today for temps. Probably Wed and Thurs for temps as well.

In my day we used to walk… blah blah. It is what is. I raise my eyebrow at my kids when they cheer because we’re going to be biting into summer vacation to make up for the days if we get too many more.

Not much impact. We had one canceled meeting last week due to snow, but this week has little snow and isn’t that cold (thanks moderating Lake Superior).

Salt doesn’t work anymore with our current temps… we’ve been on straight sand from the plow trucks for a week now. Makes your car look real pretty after a few minutes of driving.

It’s embarrassing the amount of public dirt roads in Michigan. It’s either icy dirt roads or snow covered dirt roads that are cancelling school (4 days so far). If the school lots/sidewalks get cleared the after school activities, including robotics, will go on.

School is closed Tuesday and Wednesday, so we’re locked out. We did take the robot and batteries to my house last night (monday). Build is on hold because I don’t have machines in my garage, but electrical and software will have two solid days to work on stuff without being disturbed by the mechanical monkeys.

Meetings just keep getting cancelled because our district is cancelling intermurals, so they lock the doors and we can’t get in.

EDIT: Somehow we managed to have school today (tuesday), so I’m literally writing this in class.

Our school has cancelled the first 3 days of school this week, and forbids us from meeting. The worst part is we were relying on a long week of meetings to get back on schedule, now we are going to have to do that next week…

We’ve already lost two Saturdays to snow so far. School’s probably going to be cancelled tomorrow as well, but we might be able to get in the school anyway, I’m not sure yet.

Fortunately for us, we dont meet at the school so we are able to work on days school us canceled. Typically its not required to go to the meetings those days (technically I believe our school doesnt even know we are meeting) and days like yesterday, highly discouraged. Living in a rural area, I know most of the mentors, and about half the members that drive have 4x4. We are also fortunate enough that our practice field/ off season site is along a main road so its maintained, then off that road and next to one of the county plow stations is our other site, so as long as you can make it to that main road, it’s not too hard to meet.
Being a senior, I’m loving this many snow days knowing I wont have to make them up.


We are planing to stay till 7 tonight and school will most likely be canceled tomorrow and possibly Thursday

Kudos to team 1243, the Swartz Creek Dragons, for receiving the best snow day notification. This is sort-of going viral in Michigan:


New England is about to be hit with this. Forecast says that its going down to single digits.

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