How's the Polar Vortex affecting your build?


2 days off up here in northern Minnesota. We were starting to gain some traction with our builds. Losing 15 + hours a bill time sucks. Looks like Sundays are going to be a thing for the next few weeks.


It’s in the 50s… I had to put on a light jacket. We’re supposed to get some rain tonight and it’ll be below freezing so roads might be a little icky tomorrow but it’ll jump back to 50 tomorrow anyway so I don’t expect any impact, maybe I’ll swap to a sweatshirt tomorrow so I can skip the jacket.


Our team builds at the school, and so sometimes if school is cancelled, but evening activities aren’t, we can still have our regular meetings, but we’ve been closed for a day and half this week, and they just announced that the entire district (including evening activities) will bu shut down through Thursday, so we can’t meet at all this week (we meet Tue, Wed, Thu). We’ve been able to meet on Saturdays, though, so we can meet during the longest meetings.


No meetings monday, today, or wednesday, with school cancelled monday and wednesday (but not today, oddly enough). Made some significant progress on the last of our CAD yesterday, though!


We had a meeting with a brand manager from 3M scheduled for Wednesday and now we don’t have school then
And 3M is closed so we can’t reschedule with them


Killing us for sure. To piggy back of what @Tom_Line said were right next to them location wise. Full of dirt roads. Luckily they are letting us meet tonight, but most likely won’t be able to meet until Friday after.


Thanks to the fact we’re located in central Denver the weather hasn’t set us back. But we did miss a day due to political issues and the whole teacher strike happening in Denver Public Schools right now.


Rural areas around us as well, so the roads are awful. No school so far this week and we took yesterday off, but will be meeting tonight and if possible when the colder temps hit the next few days. (we usually meet every day but Friday)
Good thing is we build out of an old high school, so have access whenever we need to get in and the room is ALWAYS hot due to an old boiler. Maybe we finally won’t have to have the windows open!


We lost a day last week, lost yesterday, losing today and tomorrow. Hoping not to lose any more as we could have the robot(s) “done” this weekend if we can actually get in and meet.


As FIRST’s token meteorologist (it seems), I just wanted to point out that the polar vortex exists year round. It’s this big atmospheric circulation that is centered on the polar regions. Sometimes some arctic air plunges southward (or antarctic air plunges northward for you southern hemisphere folks) and you end up with cold/miserable weather that you wish would go back to the pole. Some TV weather broadcaster heard the term being used someplace and decided that they would start (mis)using it on TV.

Anyway, I am sorry to hear that teams are having weather delays to their build seasons. Hopefully the new no-bag rule will help with that next year. The school threw us out on bag day last year due to a nonexistent ice storm so some students came to my house and we bagged in my living room.


Minnesota might be hitting -60 tomorrow with windchill…


Time to break out the winter coat!


I think you mean, it’s time to stop wearing shorts and sandals :stuck_out_tongue:


We missed Tu, We, Th last week because of exams (happens every year).

We lost last night for weather. Just got notified that we lose Tu Wed Th this week for weather (no evening activities, per the superintendent).

I bet we start meeting on Sundays!


We are fortunate enough to have independent school access, but will likely lose Wednesday. Programmers are excited to try out their video conferencing meetings though.


I have a Canadian grad student, and he wears flip flops and shorts all winter long in Oklahoma, even in what we consider “really cold.”


Luckily we aren’t effected by it in California.

Hoping everyone stays safe during this time. Praying for everyone affected by the storm.


Our Mon/Wed meetings this week became Tues/Thurs due to the snow on Monday and expected negative Fahrenheit temperatures tomorrow.
Only 2 lost days on the season so far for us; not so bad.


Well looks like the Superintendent of Lapeer Schools just released a video as well. 2 songs.
No school again tomorrow, but robotics is happening!


As with other WI/MN teams we are suffering a bit. We had been meeting M/T/Th as well as Sat and Sun sessions. M and T gone and no option for Wed makeup as we are not allowed to meet if school is cancelled. (We build off site but it is still a liability issue). So…Friday and some extra time on the weekend. Ya do what ya hasta do. Should get a few needed parts in our hands, McMaster does not stop for anything.