How's the Polar Vortex affecting your build?


-30°F today on my way to work… questions life choice to not stay home today


We had a No School day or teacher work day, down here in Dayton Ohio,looking forward to working all day, school cancelled it, not the only cancellation we had and we have one more day until Saturday I sure hope nothing happens that day


Why is it like this, we only wish for the cheesecake


Thankfully, it isn’t. We meet in a warehouse that has nothing to do with the school. A week ago we got frozen out of said warehouse, but we dealt with that problem before this -40 degree windchill arrived.


It’s not like you are taking your bicycle to work.


Update: tomorrow we have an optional meeting and we are advised to stay home if we have to walk. I’m already filling up my car with committed people lol


Half expected that to be you!

  • 34 f without wind chill here now. 3rd day of no school tomorrow. Missing a lot of build time :worried:


Its not affecting us at all.:sunglasses:


we got two days of extended build (1pm-10pm) while schools are closed and are getting our drivetrain done :))


Dude I’d be all over 1pm to 10pm


We’re now in day 5 with no school (Friday - Thursday.) We’ve been meeting on a volunteer basis and have made some progress, but slow. The deep freeze will still be hanging aound tonight, so we’ll see how it goes. Brrrr.


Thankfully we’ve only missed one meeting, on Tuesday. (Philadelphia).


Well day 4 this week of the school being closed. Think that puts at 5 or 6 snow days since kickoff. I’ve also come to the conclusion that the county plow guy hates me, after just watching what he did to the end of my driveway. :frowning_face:


At this time I’m more concerned with this


Lost 3 days of build. Pretty behind. Going to be working overtime on Friday and Saturday to try and make up time. We were hoping to be done this Saturday but looks like it might be next Wednesday now.


We have lost many days of build. Usually when the school is closed, we can still have access, but administration shut us out this week. Hopefully we can get a lot done Saturday.


Swami - yes, the emergency alert last night was disturbing! We did comply and lower the temp to 65.


Snow day today — well, cold day, anyway.

State law says we can’t meet when school is closed, so here I am at home, drinking hot chocolate and lounging with my dogs, cats, and parrots.

I think we’ll survive.


Remember that next time you complain about shipping! :slight_smile: