How's the Polar Vortex affecting your build?


They only want you to lower your thermostat to 65. That’s nothing.


I think I’d take the polar vortex vs. paying $$$$. Tough choice.


I had to put on my sweatshirt today.


not at all, feels_california_man.jpg


Update: almost lost all three days of build this week except Monday and Saturday, today we had an optional meeting.


Be careful and safe everyone, don’t push meetings just because you have lost time. I just lost a family member this morning due to snow and ice causing the car to slam into a pole. LIFE > ROBOTS, don’t risk it.


David, condolences to you and your family.


Today it is 15F and the sun is shining. It is strange to think that it was not that bad outside. Being that two days ago it was 30 degrees colder. Perspective is everything.


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I have a Canadian grad student, and he wears flip flops and shorts all winter long in Oklahoma, even in what we consider “really cold.”

Off topic here but…my daughter works as a pharmacy tech at a local hospital. Two nights ago they had a patient come in with severe frostbite from wearing flip flops while shoveling snow. That individual now has no toes on either foot.


Southern Ontario schools were only off Tuesday with only busses cancelled Monday missed a meeting but since after exams (done on the Monday) attendance was going to be low anyways. Temp wise averages for the past week would be -40C which is
equal to -40
F With wind chill.


It may be good to start a dedicated thread with this question.


You might think it wouldn’t be affecting us (apparently Waialua is just fine) but all of our shipments, which were already delayed by the backlog at AndyMark, have been delayed further by the weather. We want to build! We are getting our waterjetted parts, and fortunately we got our sheet metal and metal tube via barge from Oahu, but everything else seems to be stuck on the mainland.

Still, all in all, I’d rather be here than there, gotta admit.:sunglasses:


New Hampshire has been hanging right around 0 degrees. Not a big deal. The problem is that our pinions are still in Indianapolis. It seems that it is too cold for the post office, so the order that AndyMark shipped for us has been sitting at a terminal since Wednesday.


That is sad. Just to clarify, it doesn’t get that cold here, and I am pretty sure that hasn’t happened at temps below freezing. He just like to poke fun at us southern wimps who think that 45F is too cold to go outside.


No school again. This is day five, out of the past 6 days of school up here in Northern Michigan. :worried:

Why couldn’t this be the year FRIST gets rid of bag day?

and by get rid of bag day. I don’t really think its going to go away. It’s just going to be changed so it works better for schools in other parts of the world.


Day 2 lost in southern Ontario today due to freezing rain/ ice.


A bit cold in NE, but no missed days.


Just lost our 6th build day to weather today. SOOO looking forward to end of bag day next year.


First we are gonna remove bag day in 2020
Mother Nature- time to bring the pain


Looks like we’re tied! Duluth might be brutal this year…