How's the Polar Vortex affecting your build?


The Oklahoma City area got shut down for ice today. One missed day isn’t too bad, but I feel for those of you who have missed several!


We’re up to 5 missed days now…


This is probably a crappy thing to say, but seeing so many teams who are struggling with school closings makes me feel much more at ease at the fact that our school clubs can’t meet during week 4 for exams. I don’t feel as far behind knowing you guys are all struggling too.


The only problem here in the SF Bay Area is that it’s freezing cold but no snow :thinking:


Well snow day #7 was just called. And tomorrow isn’t looking promising :sob:


You guys should all just add Mother Nature as a team member.


I said earlier in this thread that we weren’t much affected, but we have started to rack up the canceled meetings.


1°F when i started my car today, almost refused to turn over. Sounds like Seattle has it worse than us though, everyone out here is still open…


In Colorado, we got our meeting canceled last night because of the snow, but we rescheduled it to today. A little snow never stops us!


We had to miss a few build days last week because of the Polar Vortex, but on top of that, we have had to miss more this week because our school lost power due to the freezing rain. It has really slowed down our building schedule. We were initially planning on having our bot finished by now, but at this point it may not be finished for a little while.


Snow does not stop us, but school rules do.


4th cancelled meeting today, and we already had extended MWF of this week (usually 3-5, now 3-7). Time to extend MWF next week…


Cancelled day number 7 today. If you want to talk about destructive mentors, mother nature needs to be pretty high on the list…


Thankfully us Seattle folk don’t have it as cold, but we really aren’t prepared to deal with snow with our hills. We got a few inches last weekend and it basically shut down the city, we’re looking at between 8-24 inches of snow by Tuesday. Grocery stores are basically empty, my work has us packing as much as possible so we can work from home. It seems we’ll be borrowing snow plows from Canada again.

My team is out 3 days so far, and the school canceled today so students can’t enter the building today, this weekend, or until they open school again. Luckily one of our student leader’s family stepped up and offered the use of their garage, so yesterday half the team spent the only meeting we had this week to literally move shop.
Now we’re operating on a skeleton crew getting rides from whoever has a vehicle that can actually pass through the roads, but dammit if we’re not going to get the robot done!


I wonder if FIRST is going to change any deadlines…


FIRST answered that question back on Dec 31.


I checked with top NASA Meteorologists and they confirmed that once again there will be weather during FIRST Robotics build season. In fact, they promise that there will be weather every single day during build season. Some of the weather will be good, and some of the weather will be so terrible that schools will be closed, travel will be hazardous and you won’t be able to work on your robot. And I can promise that once again FIRST will not be granting build season extensions for weather-related issues. Teams, regardless of location, should be building enough slack in their build season plans to cover unexpected delays, whatever their cause.


I think in 2010 they doubled the withholding limit, but bag day did not budge.
Really makes me wish we had the budget and students to build carbon copy practice bot this year.


What happened to Global Warming? We have had a few snow days, but at least we can get to the shop on Saturday. Our freshman don’t make it, unless parents bring them. Therefore, we don’t have our usual crew. On a normal day there is around 30 students in the shop. We feed about 40 to 45 people each night. I am glad the heat works in the shop. The below freezing wind chill has not been fun.


In case you’re being serious.

All of WA is looking to be blanketed with snow for the next week, gonna be interesting to see how it affects both sides of the state…


I think this picture of a pickup truck on US 2 [in Eastern WA] from WSDOT sums up the current state of affairs in Washington state. We are solidly on track to meet 2 out of 10 days consecutive, assuming they cancel school on Monday & Tuesday.