How's the Polar Vortex affecting your build?


I feel bad being in southern Florida now the worst it has gotten has been high 30s and today it was low 80s at the hottest

Good luck to all of our northern friends out there.


FYI there is a difference between weather and climate. Also while not nearly as well established as climate change, it is actually possible that warmer global averages, in particular warmer arctic air, leads to increased southern polar vortex activity:


It’s official! A once in a decade snowmageddon to send off bag day.


And again here in Michigan, another snow day for Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint and many, many surrounding districts…


Yep. The drive in to work was dicey today.


Yeah, I drive in from Manchester to A2. All back roads, and it wasn’t the worst of the year, but still took me nearly an hour for a 25 minute drive.


Work from home is the best way to drive in to work


It is not even though we were hit with -30


Another snow day in Wisconsin with Thursday also looking sketchy. At this point it actually matters less, half the team is leaving on a Band trip tomorrow! On the bright side, early release Friday so we can prep for a Week zero scrimmage on Saturday.

Fortunately we have reached the point where “it runs” and we are finding and stomping mechanical bugs. Software otoh has a long ways to go. Practice bot at 70% complete, they will have to work hard between Final Bag Day and competition.


Southern Ontario is losing at least day 4 many be 5 tomorrow and just for context the TDSB ( Toronto district school board) has closed schools today for the first time in 9 years for this winter storm warning. Currently there is pretty nothing on the ground just the threat of severe conditions.


Day 7 lost today.


We’ve lost 10 days now. And it’s only 10 because we snuck into our shop one time before they called it


Yeah, this is pretty annoying. We have got next to no snow but we cant go into the shop today because the TDSB closed everything.


Now 2 out of 11.

Can’t wait for the Best Day in Build Season.


Surprising amounts of snow in the PNW district too. We’ve lost about 5 days and we plan (hopefully jokingly) to have a “lock-in” over the weekend in which we’ll finalize the robot… No comment on how I feel about that :no_mouth:


We have lost 8 build days. Does FIRST realize how uninspiring this inflexible and arbitrary deadline is for the students who have worked so hard to be ready for competition? I kinda doubt it. It will be sad to see how many new kids don’t come back.


Yes actually they do. The bag is going away next year…


On the other hand, there is a real-world parallel. My company has to ship something. The crate has to be out the door on Day X, or it’ll be late and that’s bad. No excuses.

Welcome to the real world.

That being said, no lost days due to weather, just the annual finals week for the school (3 days completely lost, 1 day partially lost)… but we are in SoCal. We just have to worry about more rain than usual.


and that’s bad

How so? What happens to your company when you miss a deadline? Do they lose money? Do they lose employees? Do they go bankrupt, out of business? What happens? Do they ship something unfinished and then send employees to the installation site to oversee further development?

Are the employees left feeling uninspired?

This isn’t a job. Statements like this make me so happy the bag will be dead.


I know people who have been fired for missing a deadline, I have a friend whose company went belly up after missing a deadline and he lost his main contract, I know another group that had bad press after a delayed launch of a product that cost them enough that they had to layoff a good portion of their employees.

So… yes, yes, yes, bad things, and sometimes.