How's the Polar Vortex affecting your build?


Great, I guess we should tell those teams to fire those students and tell other teams to close up shop? Is that the message we want for this program?

MB called, they are looking for more authors.


Hey, you asked a question and I answered it from my own experiences.

I never related my answer back to FRC.

I can care less about bag day, I like some aspects and hate others. Either way, we will build a robot. One constraint of bag day gone just adds some new unknowns to replace it.


Unspecified consequences, in this case. Best case we manage to make it work. Worst case we get stuck in customs and miss the show entirely. Worst thing in a show is “this space for so-and-so” and nothing there…


This obviously doesn’t compare to everyone else in this thread losing days to week if build due to the weather this year , howeve, we lose two days every year to finals always falling flat at the end of Week 3. Our area is about to have rain all weekend which will be a bummer for drive practice; well wishes to all the teams missing shop days due to weather :+1:t3: hope y’all can get back in soon :slight_smile:


A couple years ago we had flu week, just after finals week. Polar Vortex is so much better than flu week. :grin:


Or are you just teasing us that you can generally have driver practice outside…


I’m always jealous seeing videos of Cali (or any warm area teams) teams able to work outside. This is the first year we are actually able to have space and heat to practice (had space last year but no heat), I cant imagine just being able to roll carpet outside and setup a full field.


Practicing outside is fun. We ran on asphalt the first year we did that and boy did it wear out the rubber wheels fast.

Our forecast is for snow on bag day, though, which may mean we’ll have to bag it my house with whatever kids I can get from the neighborhood if we’re still working on it at that time (for the second year in a row.)


No teasing, our team legit works out of the old textbook shelving area of our school, which is now considerably spacious since the textbooks and shelving have been moved out.
For the most part, we practice outside in either the parking lot nearby when traffic clears up or right in front of our workshop when no one is walking to get to the previously mentioned parking lot. Here’s a picture below of what the space in front of our shop looks like on a good day (sans field elements). We have enough carpet for a half field and we’ve built a half field worth of field elements.

Today though, we’ve had a flash flood warning all day that is running through tomorrow (2/15) at 6:30am PST according to the NWS. It poured pretty hard (for San Diego) today and its predicted it’ll rain most all of President’s Day weekend. The drainage system out of our workshop though seems to be working well so as long as none of the water is coming into our shop, which has a slight overhanging area separating the space in the picture and the indoor workshop, we should be good to go. :slight_smile: