How's this fair?

Big Mike, you’ll be hearing frrom my attorney.

Thanks to modern technology even better than DNA evidence (searchable galleries with tags rock Brandon), a quick look at the tag “Bear Hug” yields these results:

It would seem that two such traumatic experiences in life constitute being singled out, picked-on, and bullied.

Instead of having a pity party, is it possible that you are having a pooh party?

Getting my bear hug was like flying. At 6’-8"/285lbs, getting picked up is not an every day experience. :slight_smile:

But after one, you should feel loved by Big Mike. Bear hugs always bring a smile to one’s face.

not to sound dumb but oh what the heck,
exactly which one of you is
6’8" and 285? :yikes:

I am 6’10" 300+, the Younger of the Martus’ would be 6’8"/285

Kres… i just love you more than everyone else :wink:

Copioli if you read this, this is no way any reason to seek revenge for Kres :wink:

Hey, at least yours are documented. Mine from Palmetto last year is still floating around on some 25er’s camera. (Was it Corey?)

What about all of the photos of people being bear hugged that haven’t made it onto CD? I have one of Dave being bear hugged in Annapolis of 2004. I got mine at Atlanta last year, but since I had the camera, I won’t be joining the bear hug wall of infamy.

Big Mike gives really good regular hugs too. He certainly is my favorite Pooh Bear involved in FIRST (or anywhere for that matter).


It’s almost sounding like the big Pooh could use a little help with a photo assistant.

Dave looks rather like a fence post fixin’ to get stuck in the ground.

I also got my bear hug at The Championships last year. But alas, no body photographed the incident. : :rolleyes:


PLEASE use any and all information to seek out the pooh menace. It is true that one bear hug makes you feel loved, but two is another story.

Rich, just come to the webhug armed to the teeth with poof balls. You’ll be OK.

Big Mike = The Pooh Menace

sounds like Christopher Robbins turns psycho

tee shirt possibility?

He’s definitely gotten me twice, maybe even three times.
I think Kres is just a big whiner. :wink:


Mr. Kressly,

Be happy that you were able to survive your bear hug. At 5’7" and 103 pounds, I think I would be broken in half if I were ever to get bear hugged.

(:yikes: <– that is exactly what my face would look like.)

I was bear hugged back in 2004 in Atlanta, never seen the pic, but I know DJ got a pic of it. Still floating around somewhere…

I’d definitely get snapped in half, but it’s no worry, the Bear can’t catch me, I’m muuuuch too fast.

lol :slight_smile:

Rich, i ask you to ask Mr. Copioli how he is recovering from his most recent attempt at bearhugging me…

Paul i think the count is Big Mike 4 Copioli 3 :smiley:

I wear a 3xltall emphisis on the Tall :wink: I would wear it :slight_smile: