How's your 2008 Chairmans?

Tonights the big night!
Chairman’s is due TONIGHT at 11:59:59 PM

Are you done yet?
Putting on the finishing touches?
Scrambling to finish?

Team 555 is almost done, as always its going to come down to the wire (we submitted at 11:59 last year :ahh: ). However most of it is done.

Team 612 submitted last night. Now we are just making all the necessary preparations for the regionals. 612 will be submitting at Buckeye this year, how about everyone else?

We are done too

I will post 612’s tomorrow when I get a chance! I look forward to reading everyone who posts their submissions on CD.

Awwww man!
See if I knew that I would’ve snatched you up in Fantasy FIRST(and now my team 48 first round pick is threatened. Awwwww man!)

We’re entering Chairmans and WFA at SVR. I believe both are done. We’re going to discuss them more at tonight’s meeting before pressing “send.”

This is our first time ever doing this, so we’re not sure how its all going to go.

Good luck everyone!

very nice. who all do you have on your fantasy team?

48…612…263 2
I just realized no one picked you up off the waiver wire yet because everyone was so caught up in getting us and the Sparx.
Well your mine now! (championship!)

I finished editing this afternoon and submitted about two hours ago.

10,000 characters sure isn’t a lot.

o god! it goes so fast. every were we end up deleting things like periods and commas just to make it!

i really think the diary format is interesting, but i would be worried that i couldn’t get all my information across in the allotted space. however, it seams like it worked for you!

We just submitted a few moments ago! 9986 characters! Whew! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Our Chairman’s has 9,884 charachters. The WFA is being finished up right now, but it looks like it will come very close to the 600 word mark.

We are submitting to the NYC Regional.

Just submitted at 9999 characters :smiley:

We submitted this afternoon at 9999 characters as well! Make every one count!!:slight_smile:

You are right, but after several years you find you don’t have enough space no matter what, so interesting or different seems to me to be the thing to stand out from all the other teams that have done alot of things as well. We look at it like you are telling a story not listing accomplishments. There are other ways to pass that info along.