How's your ramp?

Our team is designing a ramp that can hold two robots, I was wondering if anyone else was designing a similar robot. If so, I would like to hear some ideas.

Are you just focusing on ramps, or will you have a manipulator as well?

I believe most teams will have some type of strategy for end game (either being able to climb steep ramps or deploying their own).

Ideas for ramp deployment:

Gravity, Springs, Screw Drive, Pneumatics

Ramp Structure:

Folded, Rolled up, Sliding out, Lifters

What my team is doing is creating a ramp that is deattachable. So before we go into the match we see if our other team members have ramps or not.:yikes:

We can climb on robots this year!!!
:eek: :eek: :eek:

I am interested to see some of the designs that you can come up with when you get a bunch of FIRST-ers together and have giant robots climbing on each other

Rock climbing anyone?

The TigerTechs 963, are using the ramp design, Our “Bird” will have a “wingspand” of 12 ft. It will use Mr. Gravity and just some simple but durable cables to hold the “wings” up. We will be able to hold 2 robots aswell. Big Robot huh?

Look out Buckeye Regionals. Here Comes the Flying Tiger.

I didn’t think detachable parts are legal? Did you guys post a question somewhere on the GDC forums that allow you to do this?

<G40> Detaching mechanisms - ROBOTS may not intentionally detach parts or leave multiple
mechanisms on the field. Violations will result in a 10-point penalty per incident. If an
intentionally detached component or mechanism significantly impedes access to the RACK
or an ALLIANCE ROBOT during the END GAME, the offending ROBOT will be disqualified
from the match.


I suspect he means detachable, as in, “we don’t need a crazy huge ramp this round, let’s take it off the robot and run without it.”

I believe he means that the ramps will be detachable before the robot is placed on the playing field. As long as the robot includes all of the possible configurations during inspection and meets all weight & size requirements - it is okay to do that.

Agreed that the rules say you can’t detach parts on the playing field - in this case a nice modular design ramp might be a good idea - IF, you can agree to whom will be the ramp while developing a match strategy - then detach the ramp from the robot if you aren’t the ramp so you will weigh less and remove other potential problems.

The thing that needs to be considered is contingency situations, where the designated ramp bot is unable to “be the ramp” and someone else might be able to do that if they did not detach their ramp and leave it in their pit area.

ah ok…I get it… yeah that makes sense now. Thanks!

team 1757 is designing an ambitious pair of pneumatic driven scissor lifts under a pair of “wings”. if all goes well, we should be able to lift both of our teammates to the full 12", but i can’t make any garauntees!

How are you going to take 20 psi pneumatic cylinders and lift up 2 120 pound robots?

now, that my friend, is a good question? Our thoughts also.

The operating pressure of the pneumatics system can be as high as 60 PSI at the pistons. It’s quite plausible that a properly sized piston can be used to actuate a lift.

well our team 1388 was thinkin of putting two ramps off each side of our robot so two robots can drive up each side, and have a spring loaded bar that pops up hopefully a foot up the ramp. so when the other robots drive up the ramp and the bar will pop up as to keep the robot from sliding back down when the power turns off, so that way you can hold two robots at a foot each, but i dont know what ur design is like

we thought about that as well, in general. However, as we are anticipating a weight problem already, we are just shooting for 45 out of 60.:smiley:

Has anyone thought about not using a ramp? If a robot could make itself wide enough and lift itself high enough it could then lower itself onto a stack of game pieces and pull up its wheels from the floor. I figure that two doughnuts stacked would be high enough.:yikes:

Not legal - check the rules.

As long as we can keep the rest of our robot anorexic enough, we plan on having 2 ramps fold down off of our sides. Our alliance members, if able to, would climb up the ramp, but not on top of our bot. Then using a pneumatic foot, the part of our ramp on the ground will raise, turning the ramp into a platform. The upside is that the system only has to lift half the weight of each robot, and it has built in outriggers. Downside, is that it relies on our alliance being able to climb about a 19 degree slope… we are trying to devise a method to decrease that.

Do you get extra points if you do it fast enough that your alliance partners catch air? :wink:

We look to be adding ramps along the front in such a way that our robot provides about half of the platform for our partners, and a seperate platform provides the other part.

Of course, we’re focusing on our arm first, so if we don’t have enough weight we’ll toss off the ramps and go arm only.