Howto- Simulation in Solidworks

Is it possible to simulate Build Blitz’s cam activated radial release mechanism in Solidworks? It can be a simulation or an animation.

Here’s the JVN robot:

The purpose of this is to show judges and others at regionals on how the mechanism works.

Thank you.

There are three different types of animation/motion in SolidWorks

Animation and basic motion are in the bottom left tab.

To simulate the projectile motion, velocity, forces, you need to add in SolidWorks Motion.
BA SW created a video.

But to save time, I think basic motion would represent the cam rotation and the resulting lift. Look at the SolidWorks tutorial in Help. There is one on motion with a cam and another on simple animation.

While you are learning, copy the components into another folder. Simplify your model with only the components you need to define the animation. Suppress all fasteners. Marie

After playing around with trying to simulate this cam for a while this season I found it really depends how fancy you want to get with the animation/simulation. If you are fine with the release not being sprung forward and the cam being simply rotated by mouse you can use a limit angle mate between the first linkage bar and the rotating cam itself. This will simulate the motion quite well. If you want to see an example I can quickly make one up for you and send you the file.

edit- Attached an quick assembly of a cam, with the limit angle way of doing it if you turn the cam with your mouse it will work. However because of how it works it will only work if you turn it clockwise as the mate doesn’t limit it properly turning counter-clockwise

Cam (237 KB)

Cam (237 KB)

Take a look at this model.

Thanks! I will play around with it and see what happens. Really appreciate the help :slight_smile: