HS-322HD and Digital Sidecar PWM output

… does not seem to be working. The board is powered, also connected via the DB-37. The first of our two HS-322HDs is plugged into PWM port 1, and the jumper is in place. The + gets 6v, ground is 0v, but I don’t know about the signal wire (I don’t have an oscilloscope).

The motor jumps when first plugged in, but otherwise nothing seems to happen. When I don’t set the “period multiplier” that PWM.java makes note of, the motor does not hum and/or heat up. So I’m assuming the signal is not working correctly, but perhaps it’s something else.

As far as I can tell everything is plugged in correctly, and I’m using PWM.setRaw() and scrolling from 0-255 in increments of 5 with a delay of about half a second.

So, help?

you have the correct module bay in the code? sidecar data cable good and plugged in? correct pwm port (in code and plugged in)

I am assuming the servo is not connected to anything (mechanically) and therefore not stalling.
Have you tried not setting the period and using set rather than set raw?

I have two servos running using the ‘set’, so there isn’t anything broken there (library-wise) that I have seen, but I am not at the robot and can’t look at the raw commands until later. If I haven’t seen a resolution by then I’ll try them this afternoon.

@ratdude747 I’ll be checking the cables, but the sidecar should be fine. PWM and module are correct, as it just fails otherwise (module, anyway).

Yeah, it’s not jamming. Will turn fine with the load I’m placing on it. I’ll look later, but I didn’t see anything other than “setRaw” and “setPosition”.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for their help, it turns out the PWM was initializing correctly even though the module was not in the right slot (?!?!). I moved it and now it works :slight_smile: