HS Grads, do you know where your diploma is?

I was talking to some people yesterday who have been out of high school only 3 or 4 years and they had no idea where their diploma is…mine is in a stack of papers next to me thats a bout 2 feet high…but i think i know where mine is. So are we the only ones here, or do that many people not know where there diploma is?

Do you know where your HS Diploma is?

Oh. I voted, then I realized you said HS and not College. My diploma from college is framed and on my bookshelf in my office at home.

My H.S. diploma … I think its at my parents house, buried in a file cabinet somewhere, or its in my bedroom in a big box of old stuff from grade school, high school, and early childhood. I’m not too sure, now that I think about it. It was 6 years ago, though. Yow.

In the corner of my desk, gathering dust.

In my bookshelf somewhere, with two stickers on it: one nice gold one that says “National Honor Society”, and the other out-of-place one that says “I passed the CAPT test”.

Mine is on my dresser collecting dust, but it is displayed showing everyone that I infact gradgamunated hy skool

HAHA, the CAPT test. The biggest waste of time ever.

Mine is umm… somewhere in the attic in a storage container of other collectibles (I hope:eek: ). lol As for my HS cap tassel, I know where that is. In a paper cup with my collectible coins. :smiley:

I was just looking at fire and waterproof safes yesterday at the store and when I finally decide to break down and buy one, I guess they should go in there… (As well as the aformentioned coins. :smiley: )

As for College diploma… well, I’m still working on that one, but just found out last night as I signed up for 2 summer classes that I am eligible for 1 certificate already, and can get another certificate and of course my diploma diploma while taking only one more easy(?) class. Yay!

Be careful, Rich bought one about a month ago for Mother’s Day and it had no combination listed on the outside (not to mention, it was locked…).

::ahem:: Back on topic!

My high school diploma is in my parents’ safe. My certificates from the local community college are there also. My high school tassel is hanging on the rearview mirror of my Chevy were it has been for the past 8 years although it is a bit bleached from the sun.

Two words…inhales audibly!

My high school diploma?

Probably sitting in a box at Irmo High School. I graduate Saturday. (But I’m calling myseld an alumni now, so I don’t have to sweat it later.)

I honestly have no idea where my High school diploma is.

Hmmm… come to think of it, I don’t know where my high school diplomas are. Yeah, my school was a pretty uppity (all girl) public school so I got a diploma for meeting state requirements and a diploma for meeting my school’s college prep honors business course requirements. I think my mother gave them to me a few years ago, but who knows where I put them. Well, at least I know where the important things are (birth certificate, passport, etc.)


Western, the only school I know of whose mascot is the dove, boy weren’t we fierce competitors…

When I moved into my apartment, I had a lack of things sitting around in my room back home - so my diploma and ‘Letter’ were a few things left behind to decorate it. However, I am spending a little bit of time home over the summer, and wanted a few momentos from my new life brought back, and had no place for them, so I had to stash the diploma and Letter. I have one tassel as a decoration in my room still, and one hanging in my truck.

… my mom has this fetish, there are now THREE generations to graduate and Letter from the same high school, so she is actually going to take them and have some fancy framing thing done to mine, hers and my grandfathers. Then I’ll get them back as soon as Gregory decides to build my house. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the filing cabinet. then again… I only got it a few days ago.

Good question DJ. I know where mine is, but this thread actually reminded me that I’ve never looked at it!!..lol, so I did. :slight_smile:


mine is packed away with all my cutesy stuff from ashley for next semester at college :-p