HSL Threshold values?

Hey guys! We were trying to get the Hue Saturation Luminesence values for our Robot camera. We wanted those values to accurately detect the 4 targets (through retro-reflective tape). We kept trying, but all our images were black. We were wondering for any teams who are using the HSL filter, would you please help us out and let us know which values you used that have accurately found the 4 targets?

Thank you very much!

Are you testing your settings through NI Vision Assistant? If not, you should be. You can quickly swap in different filters and adjust parameters and watch how it affects your image results.
We are using an RGB Color Threshold filter (as opposed to an HSL filter) looking for primarily red and we are using a red LED ring. It works quite nice.
It would also be helpful to know what language you’re programming in. If you are using LABview, then I think you have access to the full suite of image processing. If you are using Java, you only have access to a limited set of functions - so you want to only use those in your prototyping in Vision Assistant.
If you haven’t already read this whitepaper - it’s a must read. It specifically deals with this years game.

Dale Van Voorst