HSV Color Finding

I am currently trying to find the HSV values of my white led. Unfortunately, I am having no success finding the right values for the ColorImage. What does your team use to find the appropriate color ranges for HSV values?

ni vision assistant it is invaluable in doing vision even if you don’t use labveiw

For quick checking of values we use an online tool.


simply take a snapshop from your camera and then upload it to the website, mouse over the pixel of interest and it will reveal the RGB/HSV value.

If you want some other color format you can always convert to another format from that information.

Hope this helps,

It may be worth posting an image. HSV is a good way to encode color ranges, but may not be the best for white.

It may also be worth playing with another LED color if you have issues getting white to work.

Greg McKaskle

I actually have OpenCV installed on my laptop. I am working on a stub app to take input from the AXIS and allow the mouse to select a pixel. The HSV/RGB/thresholding values shall be displayed in the Terminal!

(by the way, you’ll need to install CV for this to work.)

I’ll post a link on my website (and on CD) when it is done. I just started working on it today.