Hub City here we come.

192 just finished loading the robot and the pit in my Prius and I leave tomorrow. The drive is only 1300 miles plus site seeing detours that my wife and I will be taking on the way. This should be a great event.

And I thought I had a long ways to go to get to Lubbock. You’re driving over twice as far as I am. Your pit will be right next to mine! I’ll have to make a point of saying hello.

How did you fit the robot AND the pit in a Prius? You must’ve been going really fast to take advantage of the Lorentz Contraction! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Team 624 is very excited to compete at the Hub City Regional for the very first time! Although not as long as a drive as yours, ours is still 9 hours, which should be alot of fun.

Good luck to all teams!

Team 5572 Rosbots can’t wait to compete up in Lubbock for the second yr in a row.

Good luck and safe travels to all the teams coming down.

9 hours for a Texas team to drive to a Texas regional…sometimes I forget how big Texas is

Safe travels on the way. FRC 2468 is excited to be headed back to Hub City this year. The tournament is loaded with strong teams. It will be fun to see the robots perform and the strategies start to emerge.

Our trip is shorter than those listed above. I was actually raised in West Texas so I consider it a bit of homecoming for me.

Fun exercise… use Google maps to determine the drive time from Beaumont TX to El Paso TX and then from Beaumont to Los Angeles CA.

I look forward to watching Hub City. Looks like a bunch of great teams are going.

Best of luck to everyone, especially Colorado teams 159 and 4499! You guys have got this! :smiley:

Excited to watch and see what 192 has in store this year!

4063 is looking forward to attending Hub City again, we have gone every year they have had a regional. It is technically our home region and we are only have a 330 mile drive.

I should be getting into Lubbock Tuesday about 1 PM. My team will be arriving on Wednesday. Any ideas on things to see or do on Tuesday afternoon?

Definitely going to watch Hub City this year, a lot of good teams there and I am excited to watch 118 compete.

Definitely going to watch Hub City 1. Because 118 and many other really good teams. 2. Colorado teams 159 and 4499 representing CO!

Webcast anyone?

We are about to leave for the tournament, thanks for the support 4388 and 1619. Good luck for all of the teams competing.