Hub City (Lubbock) Regional Live Coverage

Team Titanium is proud to present a live presentation of the Hub City Regional.

Find it here:

:smiley: I was looking forward to this. Thank you.

Awesome! Make sure to email so they can add the stream.

We have it up!

Did the matches get delayed?

Excuse me, the actual link is

Stream is now live at:

What wrong with the standings its not updating after the matches

Any Idea why the standing are not updating?

Reports are coming in that reports have not been received because there is no Internet connection.

Thanks for the update Ron, but I think this is finally updated.

…You stay classy.

I just wanna say that you guys were awesome before this, now you’re just mindblowingly beautiful. Awesome job and thanks!

1986 can you share what equipment/software you are using to run this? It’s been great and I think more teams could do things like this for smaller events and off seasons.

We are using a Logitech HD webcam for the video. And for software, we are using XSplit broadcaster. And for internet, we are using a 4G hotspot, cleared by the FTA’s of course.

If you have more questions, definitely ask!

One would hope with an unlimited data plan! :slight_smile:

We are hopeful our student correctly understood his data plan. :smiley:

any hope that we can have some amazing coverage of the Archived matches.

Yes, I am working on that right now. The segments are random in length, so I will have to upload each match to YouTube. Check the TeamTitanium channel in the next couple of days to see all of the archived footage. I’ll post here whenever I get the footage uploaded.

One of our students recorded every match on his iPad…as to what perspective or quality I dont know…I’ll ask and see f we cant fill any gaps that are missing.