Hub City Regional 2016

Hub City is the 3rd Texas event of the season.

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Wildcard Generating Teams:
3310 - Black Hawk Robotics - Winner @ Rock City
3481 - Bronc Botz - Finalist & Wildcard @ Bayou
4063 - TriKzR4Kidz - Winner @ Bayou

Top Performers
1987 - BroncoBots - Finalist @ Greater Kansas City
4522 - SCREAM - Finalist @ Oklahoma
4635 - Eugenio - Semi-Finalist @ Mexico City
4959 - Millennium Falcons - Semi-Finalist @ Greater Kansas City
2158 - AusTIN CANs - Semi-Finalist @ Alamo
5572 - ROSBOTS - Semi-Finalist @ Alamo

Team 4301 is excited to be returning to the Hub City Regional for its 4th consecutive year! It’s shaping up to be another great event this year, with teams coming in from all over the place to compete! Good luck to all teams defending their strongholds in Lubbock this year!

FRC Team 1987 The Broncobots are very excited for Hub City. We are hoping that a couple of changes we made to our robot will improve our competitiveness. It appears the weather forecast looks awesome, which is appreciated after last week’s weather at several venues.

Probably to both teams amusement, FRC Team 1987 The Broncobots and FRC Team 3481 Bronc Botz both have a similar named robot. I wonder what the correct spelling is, Is it “KNIGHTmare” or “Knight Mare”? Great minds think alike.

Here is to hoping the fun and inspiration is bigger in Texas.

Haha yeah what a coincidence! My coach swears that y’all copied our name, but I can see how both of us could’ve easily come up with the same name. Hopefully we get the chance to play in the ultimate bronco/knightmare alliance for one of our matches :smiley: .

We’re super excited to compete in the Hub City Regional again this year. I can already tell by the list of teams at this event that there are going to be some great matches!

Don’t forget all the quarter finalists too!

Don’t forget the home town hero 1817 might have something up their sleeves! I can’t wait to see everyone at Hub City!

FRC 2468 Team Appreciate would like to wish everyone at Hub City safe travels and good roboting. We will be watching the stream of the tournament in the shop.
We will miss competing at Hub City with so many of our friends we have played with there the past few years.

A late addition of FRC Team 5437 Rocky Balboabots yesterday has the regional back up to 41 teams. They were also a quarter finalist.

Good luck to all teams.

Team Rocket 2723 will be on our way later this afternoon and is really looking forward to our first competition of the year. Safe travels to everyone! We’re excited to meet you.

Of course, the two important questions for our parents back home are:

(1) What’s the webcast address?, and
(2) what’s the hashtag? #FRChubcity seems to be unused, so I’ll tell our tweeters to use that unless there is already one from last year.

Hi Travis, we’ll be sending out the webcast link within the next 24 hours. We currently don’t have a hashtag. I think #HubCityRegional or #FRChubcity works. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you guys in Lubbock!

Thank you, George. It looks like #HubCityRegional was the one that was used the last few years, so we’ll go with that.

We tweet from: @frc2723
Our robot reveal video is here:
I don’t think we have an FRC instagram account, yet.

If anyone else has social media accounts, please post them so we can be sure to follow you.

This is going to be a lot of fun. See you soon!

Team 4301 can be found on Instagram at @nto_narcissist.

Our reveal video is here:

We can’t wait to compete with you all tomorrow!

any webcast on blue alliance today? I want to keep up with 1987.

I do not know if they will webcast the practice day at Hub City. This tournament is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday event this year.

I am not even seeing updates on FRC Spyder, any clues on where to find data if not a stream?

Well, as a Friday/Saturday/Sunday event, today would just be a practice day, so that’s to be expected, wouldn’t it?

Matches start tomorrow.
Today is inspection and practice.

Thanks, I was thinking it was a Thu-Sat event.

They are working on the webcast.

Congrats to 1987 for the Engineering Inspiration award. It will be nice to see all 3 of our schools in St. Louis. Good luck and safe travels home tonight.

Well, Hub City was pretty fun everyone!

Big thanks to everyone who ran the event and all the refs, inspectors, and volunteers! It was also really nice that the event was running on time, and even early, for the entire day!

While we, unfortunately, had a hard time in quite a few matches, it was a pretty great regional.

However, I really wanted to thank team 4635 Eugenio for helping us get scouting data. They were super awesome and super friendly!

I also want to thank our alliance captains 4959 Millennium Falcons and our alliance partner 5866 Frenship JETS! A special thanks as well to our backup bot 6144 Angelbots Gold who stepped in when we needed them!
Really awesome job everyone. It was great playing with y’all and it would have been amazing to have shown a little more of what we can do. We still did quite well, losing to a very capable alliance of 2158 ausTIN CANs, 4694 Atomic Armadillo’s, and 5986 Iron Fangs.

Thanks to all of the other teams too and congrats to the regional winners 3310 Black Hawk Robotics, 4063 TriKzR4Kidz, and 4301 New Tech Narcissists.

The Hub City regional is getting better every year and we cannot wait for next year.