Hub City Regional 2016

FRC Team 1987 Broncobots had a blast at Hub City 2016. We would like to thank all of the organizers and volunteers that made this regional possible. The weather was a challenge on day 1, but the rest of the regional it was phenomenal. The regional running on time was a big plus.

We would like to thank FRC Team 3802 RoboPOP and FRC Team 5771 Marfa Robohorns for teaming up with us in eliminations. We had potential to run further than we achieved.

Cowboy hats off to the winning alliance of:
FRC Team 3310 Black Hawk Robotics
FRC Team 4063 TriKzR4Kidz
FRC Team 4301 SM Energy New Tech Naricissists

Your alliance earned a well deserved win. The eliminations rounds were fantastic to watch.

Congratulations to FRC Team 1860 Cephatron for their regional Chairmans award. The program you have in Brazil is fantastic.

FRC Team 1987 Broncobots have started uploading match video. There are currently a few out on our YouTube channel:
2016 Hub City Regional

We recorded every match and plan to put all of them on YouTube for all to view. We will be submitting them to Blue Alliance to be added as a link also.

I’d like to echo what the previous posters said – congrats to all the award winners! It was fantastic to meet and play with so many great teams that we aspire to be like.

Our team has rebooted as “Team Rocket” this year after a history of being a one-event/six-week team, and are shaking things up with the program to kick-start some major improvements. It was soul-crushing to flip our robot in our last two matches and kill our playoff chances after doing so well on the first day and in practice. So, we’ve still never been to the playoffs at a Regional, but there is always next year. Hopefully we can add a 2nd regional to our schedule next year, because we could have fixed the flipping problem pretty easily if we knew it was coming (we never flipped in 100+ crossing of the ramparts before – it saved that surprise for actual competition – maybe something to do with steel versus wooden defenses + tire pressure).

We plan to attend 2-3 offseason events in Texas and maybe Kansas City this year, so if anyone has any recommendations and tentative dates, we’d love to hear about them so we can get them on the calendar.

Thank you so much for posting the video! Do you happen to have any video from practice matches? We have some still pics of our robot flying through the air but no video of the better ones that happened on practice day.


It’s always great to hear about teams being reborn with such enthusiasm. Don’t lose that excitement.

A friend of mine used to mentor teams trying to build themselves up. He had a great saying. “If you’re not doing it year-round, you’re not doing it right.” Believe me, there is more than enough to keep any team busy the whole year.

As for off-season events, let me suggest the Cow-Town Throwdown in Kansas City. It’s usually held the last weekend in October, making it one of the last (if not the last) off-season events of the season. The event is very, very competitive so if you attend, bring your best. The web site is at but I don’t think a date has been announced yet.

Good luck and hope to see you at Cown-Town this October!


We did not record all practice matches, but do have a few of our early practice matches that we were in. We will take a look and see if they are worth posting.

1st congrats to the winners 3310 4063 4301
Like to a shout out to my team 5734 rocky balboabots and their team mates 5572 rosbots and 3366 plowbots for taking to 7th alliance all the to the finals and taking the 1st seed to the final seconds in the 3rd match.Teams 5437 and 5572 winning wildcards to words, feeling bad for 3366 not going with us without them we would not made it to the finals.
Last I would like to thank team 16 bombsquad for helping us scout OnLive feed back home and their mentor and regional director Meredith Novak for coming to hub city to help us.

Thank you, that is good advice. We’ve been moderately successful on the FTC side of things, and are now trying to get FRC off the ground. It takes a lot more resources, though – more money, more dedicated kids, and better mentors than myself. We are working on those things pretty hard, and definitely taking the “no offseason” approach.

Thanks for the info - we are definitely looking at that one, and planning to use the time between now and then as a learning exercise in a lot of areas.

Congrats on the EI award! Some of us are headed to Championships to support our Dean’s List Finalist, so perhaps we will see you there!

Thanks, we are very happy to finally receive a Chairman´s after all this years of hard work

I have a question for you. Do you have the video of the awards announcement. I was not able to go to US and I really want to see this, but my team was so nervous that no one have made a video of the announcement.

thanks again

Unfortunately we didn’t record all way through Chairmans Award. Maybe someone else recorded it for you.

All videos are up.