Huge Inventor File Sizes

I’m sure we all have the problem of Inventor closing out on us when files get too big for the computer. My question is is there any way to decrease the file size to work in huge assemblies to make the file easier for the compurter to use?

Disable and turn off the visibility for parts that aren’t necessary (like screws)

also minimize the use of iparts if you can because they carry alot of unnecessary information with them.

Or you can make sub assemblies. Since subassemblies are 1 entity in another assembly they will take less out of your computer when it’s all assembled. You can also right click the sub assembly in the browser on the left and hit “flexible” to make that assembly move if it need be. Hope it helps!


Suppressing parts in an assembly that you do not immediately use can have a drastic effect on the memory usage. You will have to unsuppressed the affected part in order to move or otherwise interact with it.

Still, it has causes a massive increase in performance, especially eliminating the dreaded slow down caused by rotating your view around some complex assembly.

Thats the text book answer anyways.

-Andy A.

I would agree to use subassemblies, for two reasons, the first is the memory usage, the second is to be able to have repeatable subassemblies, because many robot parts are used many times.

How many parts are in this assembly? On Team 11, We’re using computers well below the minimum system requirements, and we have never had the program shut down shut down on us (don’t think so anyway). (We do get serious lag if we don’t reboot the computer once an hour or so to free up RAM.)

Do you think using a lot of derived parts decreases file size?

One thing that can help is by optimizing the graphics (like detail levels) and other options in the prefs. Reducing the complexity or #'s of parts in an assembly also increases performance. :smiley:


Yeah, on my laptop, I don’t run at top specs, yet by adjusting the graphics preferences, I was able to select complex parts in assemblies without the program having to draw every line on the part one line at a time.

I’ve been told by many souces that version 11 is going to deal with this a bit, especially the lag drawn by pieces from the content center